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HP reinvents security with global campaign starring Christian Slater

HP introduced the first of a series of global initiatives to elevate awareness of the security risks facing businesses and consumers. The campaign kicks off with award-winning actor Christian Slater


What is Alienware and why buy an Alienware Laptop?

Gaming With Alienware No, it’s not the latest fashion trend for extra-terrestrials. Alienware is an American subsidiary of Dell computers. Founded in 1996 in Miami, Florida, Alienware is an industry


Propane scooters: future belongs to the air-friendly vehicles

Whenever speaking about the ‘greener’ type of vehicles,the primary thing to cross one’s mind is always something related to electrically-powered engines and all sorts of solar technologies. Indeed, electricity is


Usefulness Of Calculating Tech Debt And Its Management

Calculation of tech debt and expressing it in a simple figurative value will make it easier of understand not only for the code development team but also for the marketing


Ways To Avoid The Tech Debt Trap

First step to avoid tech debt is to admit that tech debt is inevitable for a software development and engineering company and there are some debts in your codes as


Formulate Task And Be Critical About User Stories For Tech Debt

Creating user stories for tech debt is a common practice but there are some facts that you should know about user stories for tech bets. Accordingly you should formulate the


Reasons Why Laptops Overheat and Shut Down?

Why computers do shuts down for no reason? Well, because there is a reason for that. TAG IT Support Torontowill give you all the answers you need to keep your


Procedure to Follow While Buying Used Maruti Cars

There are many cars available in the market. But very few brands have the impact on influencing the Indian market. One of the famous car brand in India is Maruti


Ransomware – the threats in 2017

The last two years has seen a massive increase in ransomware attacks, and its predicted to grow over the next two years. The cost of ransomware for companies is not


Overcoming the Challenges of BOYD

Employers are smart to implement BYOD policies. Even if you’re a small business, or don’t consider yourself very tech-savvy, you still need to account for employees bringing their devices to work,