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15 Inspirational Packaging Designs

Part of what makes a product sell is the packaging. You can set up a beautifully designed eCommerce site with reliable web hosting but if the product packaging design is lacking, your sales will falter. This is more evident in the retail environment where consumers make split second decisions on which products to choose or buy based on how the product looks. If you’re selling online, then you owe it to yourself to come up with a packaging design. Even digital services like web hosting and products like eBook can benefit from having a physical representation of their value. Here are 15 inspirational packaging designs to help you get started in the right direction.

1. CS Light Bulbs

Most consumers see light bulbs as a commodity product and usually purchase them based on price. This company uses unique packaging design to brand their company and win customers over. The design features insect designs with the body being featured as the light bulb. The company makes a smart choice by using insects that are beloved by people like the ladybug, honey bee, beetle and dragonfly.

2. Note Earphones by Panasonic

This example is particularly unique because it is less about the packaging design and more about the presentation. Panasonic’s earphones were simply arranged to look like a musical note. The packaging is a simple clear transparent plastic case that lets this presentation shine. This arrangement helps their product stand out from other competitors while playing into the theme.

3. Spine Vodka

It can be hard to stand out in the alcohol industry when the biggest brands are spending millions of dollars on advertising. This vodka brand hired a designer to create a product label that resonates with their name and delivers a dramatic effect. The result is a unique design of a human spine. While the design is 2D, the designer created both the front and back of the human spine to create a 3D effect.

4. Clive’s

Clive’s does a great job with their package design by aligning with the current trends in the food industry. More consumers are choosing products that are natural and to reflect that, Clive’s uses a design that portrays the raw ingredients in their Mexican Chili blend. They also use different colors for each product to let each flavor stand out from the rest.

  1. Charmvilla

    This is another great example because the packaging design pretty much compromises the product itself. Instead of a traditional tea bag, Charmvilla makes a tea bag in the shape of a goldfish. This attractive design makes consumers want to buy it as a gift. As a result, the sales of this product are completely driven by the product design and packaging.

    6. Festina

    Festina is a waterproof watch but trying to lead with that feature isn’t so impressive. That’s unless you make it a completely visual experience. Festina created a packaging design where they put their watches in a bag of plastic. Not only does this make the main feature shine, it also helps convince consumers that the company fully believes in their product.

    7. Themla’s

    Nothing really is quite like the smell of fresh cookies coming out of the oven. To recreate this experience, cookie company Thelma’s created packaging that looks like an oven. It is a cardboard box that is shaped and designed like an oven, so it is not only innovative, it’s also economical. This design helps establish their brand’s unique identity and also reminds their customers of the fresh baked cookie experience. 

    8. Penhaligon’s

    This luxury perfume company uses beautiful metal packaging to create a luxurious and one of a kind for their products. Their packaging features a strong logo, bright colors, unique patterns and a beautiful bow tie to complete the presentation. They do a great job in establishing the luxury and exclusivity of their products with their packaging.

    9. Phantom Cigar

    It’s hard to come up with a new design for industries that are based on tradition. The designer for this cigar brand had a tough challenge ahead of him. He got rid of the traditional motifs and instead used a typographic and minimalistic design. The outer case is very modern yet still reminiscent of the core characteristics of a cigar brand. Small iconography and accents give the product a breath of fresh air without taking it over the edge.

    10. Half Acre Beer

    Beer brands have always been big in keeping their packaging designs consistent. After all, the goal is to keep customers coming back to their product. Half Acre Beer goes in the other direction. Every product has a different design to highlight its own unique traits. The only thing that is kept consistent is their brand logo and even that gets minor edits based the overall product packaging design.

    11. Fit Buns

    This food company does a great job of targeting the right audience with their packaging design. They sell a bread that’s high in protein. To reflect this selling point, the buns in the packaging are arranged to look like a set of six pack abs. Not only is this appropriate to the product, it is humorous and generates a conversation which helps with their marketing.

    12. Flower Garden

    Most garden stores and florists will provide you with simple packaging to save money. This packaging design turns that idea around with a beautiful package that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. It uses cardboard as the material and designs it so that there’s a reliable handle at the top. This makes it attractive and easy to hold at the same time.

    13. Two Hoots

    Sometimes the best packaging designs are in ones that are in sync with the brand. Two Hoots is a perfect example of this. The brand stays true to its name and features owls on the labels. The fun part is that their different wines are represented by a different species of owls. This gives it an attractive design and an appealing element for bottle collectors.

    14. Bloom

    Bloom is a cosmetic collection that is based on natural ingredients. To reflect this leading feature and benefit, the packaging design blooms into a flower when you open it. The outer layer of the packaging is very minimalistic but uses a stencil like effect to create textures that you can feel when you hold the product.

    15. Teapee

    This conceptual packaging design is inspired by traditional Native American cultures and lifestyles. The packaging resembles the teepee where the foundational structure is connected to the top to hold it together. In this case, the teepee is divided into six sides and each side folds out to reveal a tea bag. The packaging of this product is unique, ingenious and innovative.

    These packaging designs should help you come up with some ideas for your own. Packaging design is a big part of the sales process but is often neglected. Great designs can really drive sales even if they’re for intangible products and services.