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3 Things to Consider Before Biking More, Technology

If it’s been a while since you’ve biked more than a couple of miles and you want to do more, make plans. Though you might want to start alone, you can probably find local bicycle shops and clubs that can provide you with specific advice and routes. Here are a few things to consider as you start pedaling.

  1. Accessorize for Exercise 

First, check to make sure your bike is in good riding condition. Inflate tires and check your breaks. Then you can consider adding a few practical accessories. Bike baskets are useful for carrying groceries or deliveries. Or, on a smaller scale, a water bottle holder can allow you to keep water with you to avoid becoming dehydrated. If you’re biking in an area with a lot of traffic or other bikers, battery-powered bicycle horn is a safety feature worth looking into. For nighttime biking, try different lights and reflectors.

  1. Strengthen to Ride

Warm-up before a ride, especially if you’re transitioning to longer rides. An indoor exercise bike is a great resource for preparing your muscles even on days with unfavorable weather. If you belong to a gym, ask for specific warm-up recommendations. Begin with shorter rides and add on. Similarly, if you have access to a stationary bike, begin with the lower intensity levels and work your way up as you become stronger.

  1. Make a Plan 

As you become stronger and build a routine, settle on a plan. What is your plan? What are your goals? Decide how far you want to bike, when, and where. Then figure out the motivation behind a specific goal. Will you start by making short trips to the grocery store? Are you training for a race to raise money for a favorite cause? Or do you want to feel more confident when biking with friends? Check out maps and check in with your friends as you firm up plans.

Don’t forget to bring enough water and make stops along your routes. Have fun, whether you’re beginning a racing career or enjoying a new hobby.