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9 Benefits Of Fibre Broadband

Fibre optic Internet connection is a new technology that is soon gaining popularity over traditional broadband services. The reason for its rising popularity is that it offers a number of benefits to the users and many customers have achieved higher returns, especially businesses that use the cloud for data storage. For them, fibre broadband and voice-over-IP telephony is a great combination to communicate smoothly. Some of the benefits of using fibre broadband are:-

  1. Speed-

Use Hyperoptic discount codes to get your fibre optic Internet connectivity at cheaper rates than usual. The most significant benefit in using fibre optic Internet broadband is its superfast speed. Even the fastest copper Internet connections cannot provide speed that matches fibre optics. You can get speed up to 100 Gbps. Your business should never slow down due to slowing down of the Internet. Let fibre optic Internet broadband help you always to be super-fast and never waste time over slow internet speed. Never let internet speed come in the way of productivity.

  1. Reliability-

Fibre internet connectivity is stronger than copper and offers better reliability. Weather conditions can often stall data transmission which does not happen if you choose fibre internet broadband. They also save you from all kinds of interferences and offer unhindered connectivity needed for business communications. If you need high-speed internet for high scale productivity and communications, reliability is a huge factor. You surely cannot compromise with that.

  1. Signal strength-

Signal strength is a big issue with traditional broadband internet because copper offers degrading signal strength as the user moves away from the connection. Fibre optic internet does not depend on distance in terms of signal strength. Large offices where employees are spread over a large area do not have to suffer from low signal strength while moving away from the telecommunication room.

  1. Bandwidth-

Fibre optic Internet provides higher bandwidth which does not let the speed decrease when high demands are put while web conferencing, file sharing, HD video streaming or SIP trunking. Use fibre optic broadband to avoid slow speed and pixelated videos due to low bandwidth and get high-quality videos even when the demand is too high.

  1. Latency-

Latency refers to the delay in time that occurs when you are processing data over the Internet. Fibre optic Internet broadband does away with these latency issues that users usually face while uploading or downloading high definition content or during Voice-over-IP calls. With fibre, you can get better voice quality, download and upload without suffering disruption or quality issues and move more files to cloud.

  1. Security-

It is relatively easy to hack information by gaining access to cable internet by tapping and other methods. But with fibre optic internet broadband, the only way to hack is to cut the fibres physically. Thus, fibre optic internet broadband is the best option to increase security and save your company against cyber-crimes.

  1. No interference –

Copper cable Internet gets easily interrupted by electromagnetic interference, which can occur if you are near some heavy machinery. Fibre Internet signals, however, do not disappear or fail due to electromagnetic interference. Often in offices where one or two businesses share the telecommunication room, connectivity can suffer if some business is using certain types of equipment that interfere with the connection. Fibre optic broadband prevents such disruptions and does not let electromagnetic interference hinder your connectivity.

  1. Crystal clear HD video-

Many companies need video conferencing and teleconferencing for day to day communication, training of employees and meetings. With fibre optic Internet broadband, businesses can get high-quality video conferencing and enjoy crystal clear videos without suffering from disrupted connections and broken images. This will help you to communicate better even for long hours at the best quality.

  1. Connect multiple devices

What happens when you use too many devices with your Wi-Fi connection? You usually suffer degraded performance due to several devices draining your speed. A superfast fibre optic broadband connection enables you to use multiple devices at once with your Wi-Fi and still enjoy a decent internet performance. This is the best option for households where many devices are running at the same time or where high-quality video streaming is needed. So, no matter whether you use your laptop or desktop or tablet at the same time, you can have enjoyed smooth and super-fast browsing using just one connection. It is also a good option for offices where several employees are using internet over multiple devices through a single Wi-Fi connection.