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An Indepth Look At The New iPhone 8

Recently, Apple has launched three new phones, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. Apple has kept it pretty safe by offering two phones that has the traditional design of the iPhone and a totally upgraded one that will hopefully also appeal to the adventurous – and the rich.

The iPhone 8 is not really much of a big leap from the iPhone 7. But to those coming from the lines of iPhone 6 or 6s, then this phone can be the upgrade that they are waiting for without the need to spend a thousand bucks. Let’s take a look at the first phone off the 2017 lineup of Apple.

Overall Design Has Not Changed Much

There is not much of a difference in the iPhone 8 design compared to its predecessors. It also sports a 4.7-inch display like smaller iPhone’s do. The two things that set this phone apart from its forefathers are its glass back and its color. The former has been added to the iPhone 8 since starting 2017, Apple will be adding wireless charging as a feature of its phones. For those who are unfamiliar with wireless charging technology, it is actually straightforward. You just have to charge your phone by plopping it on a charging pad and go.

Since this technology is still being improved by Apple, do not expect any fast charging experience with the wireless one. However, critics are pretty optimistic that Apple will find a way to speed things up a bit. The other new thing in the iPhone 8 is its color which critics have been loving so far. The phone is now available in a two-tone gold color which gives off a more polished look.

A Little Bit Sharper Screen

When it comes to screen resolutions, Apple’s middle level phones are not the best option considering other mobile brands have been giving their phones OLED displays while Apple is still stuck with LCD. Therefore, it is not surprising that the iPhone 8 still has the LCD screen.

However, its display is a notch higher than the iPhone 7. It has the True Tone technology similar to its bigger cousin, the iPad Pro. Its screen clear and sharp too because of the new Retina display. Do not be fooled though. The resolution of the iPhone 8 is not a full HD Retina but just the same partly full HD one.

The front and back glass is supposed to be more durable than the previous models. There hasn’t been any real world drop tests yet so make sure you either get a durable case to protect your iPhone or know where your local iPhone repair shop is. You can also get the extended Apple care warranty which will get you a reduced repair cost if you should need it.

Take Some Clearer Memories

Like its other features, the iPhone 8’s camera only got a tiny upgrade from the iPhone 7. For one, Apple had decided to retain the 12MP sensor in the back and the iPhone 8 still has the single sensor just like the iPhone 7.

Playing with its settings is still fun but unlike its pricier cousin, the iPhone X, the camera of the iPhone 8 does not have a Portrait Mode. The picture quality of the iPhone 8 is still great but some have been expecting a bigger stride in terms of the camera performance since the iPhone 8 belongs to a different and latest line of iPhone models.

Different On The Inside

Even though the iPhone 8 is only a few percentage points up from iPhone 7, many are still excited by the fact that this year’s models will run on the new A11 Bionic chip. With its new chip, battery life is expected to improve and increase making the users enjoy longer usage time with their devices.

Wrapping things up, the iPhone 8 is not the phone for you if you are already using the iPhone 7 and is looking for a huge difference in both hardware and software. However, for people who still wants an upgrade but cannot burn so much dollars, this phone is a far better alternative that an iPhone X.