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How Many Inches is an iPhone 11

How Many Inches is an iPhone 11

For many prospective smartphone buyers, the size of the device’s display is a critical factor that affects their decision. In particular, Apple’s iPhone 11 has been a sought-after model since its launch, and it’s essential to know its screen size if you’re considering it as your next smartphone. In this article, we will focus on the exact screen size of the iPhone 11, measured in inches.

The iPhone 11 Display Size

The iPhone 11 features a Liquid Retina HD display, which is an advanced version of an LCD. When measured diagonally, the iPhone 11’s screen size is 6.1 inches. This makes it an attractive option for users who desire a large, immersive display that is not as enormous as some of the ‘Max’ or ‘Plus’ variants.

The 6.1-inch display of the iPhone 11 has the following specifications:

  • Resolution: 1792 x 828 pixels
  • Pixel Density: 326 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • True Tone display
  • Wide color display (P3)
  • Haptic Touch
  • 625 nits max brightness (typical)

How Does it Compare to Other iPhone Models?

For context, let’s compare the iPhone 11’s 6.1-inch screen to other models in the iPhone lineup:

  • iPhone 11 Pro: 5.8 inches
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: 6.5 inches
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation): 4.7 inches
  • iPhone 12 and 12 Pro: 6.1 inches (same as iPhone 11 but with different display technology)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: 6.7 inches
  • iPhone 13: 6.1 inches (similar to iPhone 11)
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 6.1 inches
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 6.7 inches

A Balanced Choice

With a 6.1-inch display, the iPhone 11 offers a balanced choice for consumers. It sits in the middle ground – providing ample screen real estate for enjoying videos, gaming, and other media, while still being relatively compact for comfortable handling and pocketability.


The iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display. It’s a versatile size that caters to a wide range of preferences, blending the benefits of a large screen with the conveniences of a manageable form factor. Whether you’re an avid consumer of media, a gamer, or someone who values productivity on the go, the iPhone 11’s 6.1-inch display is designed to deliver a satisfying experience.