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How to Improve Google Search Engine Ranking?

Ever since SEO has emerged, it has changed the way of branding a business. Believe it or not, now SEO can make or break your business!

What comes to your mind when you hear the term SEO? Page ranking, isn’t it? So, where do you focus when you are trying to improve SEO ranking of your website? Most of you might focus on “Keywords” and not much else.

However, if you have been working carefully on optimising the keywords but are not still getting the desired results, then it is time to work with seo consultants in Sydney to consider other factors of SEO that affects the ranking.

Do you know Google not only evaluate the relevance of the keywords on pages but also consider information such as bounce rate, duration of visitors stay on your site, broken links, pages viewed and so on?  Yes, they do. Working along with seo consultants Sydney will help you concentrate on these factors.

Boost your page rank by following these tips suggested by seo specialist in Sydney:

Provide Unique Content:

Unique content plays a vital role in SEO. Google loves a quality and unique content which is being regularly updated, and it crawl your site very often.

Maintain a post frequency and make sure you share your content through social networks.  Provide a fresh and trending topic that attracts the users.


Inbound links are the crucial factor that you need to focus on improving page ranking of your website.  In fact, the success of Google page rank is dependent on the number of inbound links to the page.

If you want to improve page rank, then you must have backlinks. The best way to create backlinks is to submit your post on different article and web directories.

Review on-page SEO:

Work on page titles. Include your target keywords. But, make sure you don’t stuff it. Google may not display your description on the SERPs. But, it is still essential to describe each and every page of your site.

Review your HTML codes and make sure that your page has only one set of H1 tags. It is not necessary that the H1 tag should be same as the title, but it should have variations of the keywords.

Implement structured data. Rich snippets, schema, and micro data are all the names related to structure data. When you implement structured data, you make it easier for Google to improve the page rank.

Internal link can help Google identify your site’s important pages and their meanings. So concentrate on internal links too.

Don’t forget off-page SEO:

So far, we have discussed changes you can make on your website. But, you should not forget the role of other off-page SEO signals too. Based on how competitive your keyword is, you have to build external links to your page.

These are the techniques you need to follow to boost your page rank. If you are somewhere getting struck, hire seo experts Sydney to handle SEO related task.