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How to Recover Invalid Hard Drive Data

The problem is:

I removed the hard drive from a damaged Notebook I had and attempted to use it with other system. It was considered to work well, but my system had an error stating that hard drive is “Dynamic and Invalid.” Now I cannot access the disk. I have no idea what is, but I urgently need to recover the data on that drive. Is there any solution to recover the files? Please help.”

Initially, this is a common problem that occurs when you try to work with your computer having external HD, and it does not necessarily mean that the external HD is malfunctioning. It happens due to “MBR ERROR” or other errors.

The good news is that you can still recover your files from invalid HD with a specialized data recovery program like Recoverit. This program helps you recover most types of files from your invalid disk, such as photos, audio files, videos, documents and more. With this program, you simply scan invalid drive and select the data you like to recover. In case of failure, consider HDD repair service.

Recover Data from Invalid HD in 3 Steps

Next we will demonstrate the guide based on Windows version this software. If you use Mac, you can follow the similar recovery procedure.

Step 1 – Select a recovery mode to get started.

When you start the program on your computer, you will see some recovery modes in the initial window.

To recover the data from the invalid disk, let’s start by selecting the “Removed Partition Recovery” feature.

Step 2 – Scan invalid HD to find for lost files

Now choose your HD when you continue. Here all the partitions of your invalid drive will be shown in window. Please select the partition where you like to recover the data and select “Start” to scan the lost files.

Step 3 – Recover the data from the invalid disk.

All contents found on your HD will be shown in window. You can see the file names to see how many files can recover on invalid disk.

In the end, just select the desired files and select “Recover”, files will be saved in the partitions of your computer.

It is recommended to hire the hard drive repair service in several complex situations, and most of them are related to the damage of the hard drive or the accidental formatting of the information.