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How to share Internet from mobile to another mobile or computer?

Discover in the following note an instructive step by step on two ways to share the Internet from your Smartphone to another mobile or computer.

Having a plan B in case the Internet connection fails while studying or working is always advisable. An unexpected with your modem can arise at any time, therefore using the Internet from your smartphone can be a good option to continue studying.

Smartphones have the option of being used as a modem for another cell phone, computer or tablet. There are two ways to use the smartphone as a modem: via USB or bluetooth.

Although the mechanisms to synchronize the devices depend on the operating systems, for all it is very similar. To start it is necessary to have activated the option “mobile data” of the smartphone since through them the connection to other devices will be transmitted.

Share internet via Bluetooth

You can transform your smartphone into a Wi Fi point if you synchronize it with your computer through Bluetooth. How to do it ?: Follow the same steps as to connect with USB but this time with bluetooth activated. Through bluetooth you can also connect more than one device to the network from the same phone.

Before sharing your Internet quota make sure first you have enough Internet data backup. For big and inexpensive data quota, Verizon is one of the best providers and knowing Verizon Wireless Prices is the first step to get started.

Share internet via USB

If your smartphone has an Android operating system, the steps to follow are the following:

1 – Connect the cell phone to the computer with the USB cable that comes from the factory

2 – Go to “Settings”

3 – Choose the option “More networks” and then select “Wi-Fi zone and USB modem”

Clarification: These steps are only for Windows and Linux and should have installed on the PC the software of the cell phone that usually comes on a CD.

For the iOS operating system:

1 – Go to “Settings”

2 – Choose the option “Share Internet”