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How to Use Your Video Footage to Make a Movie with Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite is not just a video editor but it also includes many other applications in its video software line including video converter, screen recorder, webcam/audio recorder, video player and etc. You can launch Movavi Video Suite and have access to all the video editing tools in one place. The launcher window won’t quit when you click on a button. For example, if you click on Edit video to launch Movavi Video Editor, it will remain open even if you quit Movavi Video Editor. This prevents you from having to go to the Start Windows button to relaunch Movavi Video Suite again.

The video maker from Movavi is designed for people who don’t know how to use a complicated software.  It has a simplified interface and offers features such as transition effects, color correction, boost volume, animated titles, call outs and audio mixing. You can reorder the video clips on the timeline by dragging them to the correct sequence as you plan in the video storyline plot. To rearrange the video clips, you simply move it with the mouse cursor. The scissor tool is useful for cutting and getting rid of unnecessary scenes to make the video look more professional.

The video editor is perfect for creating slideshows because you can import pictures into the timeline. It features a slideshow wizard that allows you to create slideshows in 3 simple steps.  In the slideshow wizard, the first step is to click the + Files button to load the photos. After loading the photos, the second and third step will be unlocked and you will be able to access them. In Step 2, you can choose whether you want a transition to be applied to the video clips.

Various types of transitions can be added to the slideshows including crossfade, random, simple, geometric and artistic transition. You can set the duration for all the transitions that are applied onto the video. In Step 3, you can add music track into the video. You can choose to add a sound track from the Movavi library or add your own sound track. You can customize the music track to be sync with the slideshow length. The slide duration can be customized according to the pace of the background music.

The screencast recorder in Movavi Video Suite allows you to capture all kinds of activities on the computer screen. Since it can record your computer screen, you can use it for recording things like gameplay, online movies, Online Vid Converter podcast, and software tutorials. The recording frame can be adjusted to accommodate the recording of a small or large screen area. The microphone feature can be turned on by clicking the microphone button. You can press the webcam button if you want to enable webcam recording of your face alongside in the screencast recording. The mouse clicks and mouse cursor can be highlighted by going to Capture > Cursor Effects > Set Up Effects. You can hit the REC button at any time you feel that you are ready to start the screen recording.