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HughesNet Ranked #1 By The FCC Two Years In A Row 

HughesNet Internet has been ranked #1 by the FCC in delivering advertised download and upload speeds for the second consecutive year!

Known as the top Internet solution for those living in rural America, HughesNet can provide high-speed service via satellite and reach locations not covered by other providers.Surprisingly, the only wired solution available to more than 2.5 million homes is still dial-up Internet which runs at a max speed of 56Kbit/s. With the launch of a new satellite and plans in March 2017, HughesNet offers plans with 25 down and 3 up from coast to coast.

In this yearly report, the FCC evaluated DSL, satellite, cable and fiber Internet services from 16 major providers covering approximately 80{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} of the country’s residential areas. Some of the providers included on this report areExcede, Charter, CenturyLink Comcast, AT&T and Verizon.

Report findings include that HughesNet’s download speeds were consistently more than twice than advertised and upload speeds were more than 1.5 times their advertised speed even during peak times. No matter what time you’re online, HughesNet is consistently fast.