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Modern era web applications

In this digitalized world now every single task can be accomplished within minutes. The advancements in technology allow you to perform such abilities. Now you have applications which make your daily and tough tasks easier. Below are some of those web applications which allow you to digitalize the text, tattoos, and other related things.

Ringtone Maker:


In this era, no one spends their precious money for buying ringtones. They either download the ones already on the net or cut them from their favorite songs. With the free online ringtone maker, you can cut your favorite songs and create your own ringtones. Just upload your favorite audio and select the part of the audio and output format of the ringtone.

Cool letters:

In the present era where all documents are digitized, creativity is necessary to attract the reader. With cool letters, you can turn any normal piece of paper into amazing art. You can change the normal text of your documents into cool letters. Users have the option to choose from the already available or generate their own customized letters.

Pic resizes:

Sometimes, when you want a picture, they might not be available in the right size. Use the Pic resizer tool to resize these pictures without any loss of quality.

Avatar Creator:

Avatar is basically known as a cartoon version of any character or picture, traditionally, the avatar was made by hand drawing, but nowadays there are various tools and techniques to make an avatar. There are various avatar creators available in this industry that made unique and innovative cartoon characters of any person or picture.

Tattoo Font Maker:

Tattoos can be separated according to their meaning because each tattoo has its own purpose of drawing. There are several Tattoo artists or tattoo font maker that create the tattoo. Tattoos size, color, and shape depending on the part of the body that they are being drawn.

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Password Generator:

One can never be too careful when it comes to using strong passwords. In the digital world, Password allows us to protect our credentials information from unauthorized users. Choosing the right password is a very difficult task for a layman. So, to overcome this situation Password Generator helps you to create a secure password that is impossible to crack on your device.

PDF Converter:

Whether working with MS Word, Excel or Powerpoint, sometimes there have been times you need to convert your document into PDF format. It is very frustrating when you don’t have PDF file converter installed on your PC. Online PDF converter allows you to convert any type of documents in PDFIt is an online web-based online document converter which converts such documents into PDF file format.

Life hacks:

There are always these pesky little obstacles in life that make everything so difficult. Life hacks are meant that simplify your life. Letsmillo is an online website which offers the best tips and tricks to simplify and improve your every day with many life hacks. Here, you will find effective life hacks related to Family, Health, Games and many others.