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Possible Risk with Cloud Storage 


The use of cloud storage among individuals and businesses has been on the rise in the recent past. Cloud-based data management has been touted as the best alternative due to ease of access, affordability, and security. Most businesses store all their data in the cloud for ease of collaboration among the employees. The growth has been so immense that almost half of the world’s population uses cloud storage. 

The only concern is, does the cloud storage have vulnerabilities? 

Bad news, cloud-based storage is not as perfect as it passed to be. Here are some of the possible loopholes that come with using cloud storage and how to manage;

Security Concerns 

Cloud-based storage is known for the high-security levels compared to the physical data storage. The security is due to encryption. Well, that is not the case when not all the cloud-based storage service providers don’t provide proper data encryption. 

The other security concern is due to several users. Not everyone who has the authority to access the site is security conscious. Some will share your passwords with unauthorized people, knowingly or unknowingly. 

Like any other system that requires a password, your cloud account is susceptible to hacking.

Given the security concerns, you might consider not putting all your sensitive data on the cloud. You are also better off using synthetic data instead of the real ones.  It keeps you safe from losing data in case of a security breach. Also, limit access to the admin panel and put in place cloud data policies. 

Constant Changes

You don’t need to be an extra keen observer to notice technology is a changing world. Anything that seemed as the in-thing a few years ago suddenly becomes obsolete with new inventions—all technological developments, whether the internet, storage, or hardware keep on improving with time. Cloud storage is no different.

Expect changes in how people communicate, store, and retrieve data on these platforms. There is the possibility of better storage facilities than the cloud coming up. While most of these changes are always for the better, keeping up can be quite hectic. 

Even though resource-intensive, you don’t have any option but to embrace the changes.  Keep a reputable IT department and invest in constant training. 

The Need for Proper Planning

Most people who use primary cloud storage for personal documents believe it is an easy venture. Until they get to the enterprise level and find out, they have no clue on how to operate the system. Cloud storage for a business is similar to any business network and systems. You need proper planning and execution to ensure business performance.

For proper cloud implementation, consider hiring an expert. The professional is knowledgeable about data integration and the system setup. 

Bottom Line 

The viability of the cloud storage system has enhanced remote work through the ease of data sharing and collaboration. Even though successful, it has some limitations. Failure to address these limitations can lead to vulnerability and poor business performance. For proper cloud storage functionality, ensure adequate planning, security, and embrace changes.