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Quick and Practical Tips to Make your Company’s Instagram More Attractive

Stories, hashtags, interaction with the public, organized feed, check out what you need to do to have a successful Instagram.

Instagram has hit 800 million enjoyers in 2017 and is the second most used social network in the world, behind only Facebook. Research reveals that the application has been used more and more for lifestyle definition, shopping search, brand recognition, and so on.

It is known that to be remembered one must be visible and seen. Therefore, nothing better than to take supremacy of the success of Instagram to improve the engagement of your company in the social network.

With that in mind, I’ve put together 10 valuable tips to make your Instagram more attractive. Come on? Here’s how to leverage this social network to get more results for your business.


First of all, plan yourself. Know who your crowd is so you can define what sort of content to produce. Do not miss to take the photos or think of the caption when it is time to post your content, separate time to define what you have to say. Get organized.

Make your Business Profile

Since July 2016 it is possible to have a business profile on Instagram. The default profile difference is to add contact buttons, address etc. But the best part is that with this type of profile you can get metrics that will help you get more engagement, such as better posting times based on your followers’ interaction with your profile.

Organize your Feed

Having a harmonious and well-organized feed is important. Instagram is completely visual, so invest in high-quality images, stay tuned to the color palette of photos, do not use the application filters and avoid posting very similar photos, so your feed does not get too repetitive.

Posting Rule

Post at least once a day, ideally twice daily. And attention, there are key times to post. Observe the behavior of your audience and post in the moments when he engages more.


Avoid too big captions! Be objective and direct. Let the image speak louder than the caption, drawing public attention.


The use of hashtags is extremely important as it attracts followers interested in specific subjects.

However, avoid using only famous hashtags to attract followers. Search for keywords that blend with your content and audience.

Use at least one hashtag in your caption, if you have enough keywords to post, you can make a comment on your photo with the chosen hashtags, so that the caption does not get polluted (even by posting the tags in the comment, its content appears in the search results).


Interact with your audience. Promote sweepstakes, buy Instagram likes, polls, respond to user comments and direct messages. The more your audience feels they are part of your day-to-day life, the more engaged you are with your profile.


About over 250 million stories are posted every day! Share your day to day conversations with your audience. Profiles that post stories have more engagement. Create closeness to your audience.

Other Social Networks

Link your Instagram with your social networks. So followers of other platforms will see your profile.


A huge base of followers is imperative to the success of your profile. Segment your audience by means of hashtags, location, gender, age group, among others, and woo followers who are interested in what you have to say. Engagement is much greater when your message reaches who cares.

Imagine that your Instagram profile is a little plant you care about every day. Following these tips success is guaranteed, however, in the same way that the plant has its growing time, the same applies to Instagram.

The more care, the more feedback will be gained.