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Technology That Could Keep You from a DUI

Newer technology is revolutionizing the driver experience. From autonomous vehicles, syncing with your smartphone, Bluetooth capability, and more; we are seeing the dawn of a new age of transportation. With safety in mind, expert leaders within the industry continue to seek ways to enhance the wellbeing of commuters.

One of the most dangerous contributors to highway injuries and fatalities is impaired drivers. Drunk driving and drugged driving has left its mark on major highways across the United States, so what can be done to prevent this reckless behavior? Aside from federal and state government enforcing more strict guidelines and preventing people from getting behind the wheel after a few drinks, technology leaders may have additional preventative measures to keep everyone safe on the roadways.Image result for Technology That Could Keep You from a DUI

Newer technology has sought an opportunity to prevent impaired drivers from being able to operate their vehicle. Currently, devices are already available to the public to disable a car if the driver is intoxicated. This device is called an alcohol interlock and keeps the driver from being able to start the vehicle due to alcohol being detected.

Recently technology suggests that the driver wouldn’t have to blow into a tube to be able to start their vehicle, but rather utilize the detection through tough. An embedded implementation would allow the driver to be detected through a started button or through the gear shift lever. The science behind this newer technology detects the alcohol by shining infrared light through the driver’s fingertip. If the alcohol level exceeds the limit, the car won’t be able to be operated by that driver.

According to, “the insurance institute for highways safety estimates that this technology could save around 7,000 lives each year. The concept of the public being able to utilize this type of technology can allow for countless lives to be saved from one person’s reckless behavior. Considering the opportunity that this technology is posing, it would be a wise idea to implement this groundbreaking feature for everyone.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating with friends and family when life provides special moments, however it is important to consider the safety and wellbeing of others. Despite the strides of technology, we still seek the opportunity to spread awareness to avoid drinking and driving. Too many lives have been taken due to the reckless behavior of someone else.

Not only can drinking and driving land you a hefty fine, but you could potentially serve jail time and even experience a job loss. This technology can save people from unemployment and their lives. The number one rule of thumb is to consider your alcohol intake and play it safe. Many cities have incorporated taxis, Uber, and Lyft. If you find that these services aren’t available in your area, consider a reliable friend or family member to act as a designated driver if you’re going to have a few drinks.

Technology can prevent drinking and driving; however, so do we. The fact is simple, if you’re going to drink you shouldn’t be driving. Avoid reckless behavior, and if you feel as though you can’t justify your limit, implement helpful ways through technology to prevent yourself from getting behind the wheel.