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Updates On Virtual Reality Gaming

Throughout 2016 we saw virtual reality news trickling out on almost a day-to-day basis. Headsets became available for the public, games were demonstrated and released, and speculation ramped up about what this emerging medium could be all about. This year the tide of news in this area has ebbed somewhat, but that’s bound to happen over time. The truth is that things have only grown more exciting when it comes to VR gaming.

In case you’ve kind of checked out no one could blame you here are some updates to be keeping track of.

Arcades Are Starting To Pop Up

Most of us think of this technology as one built for gaming at home. We consider headsets to be accessories or alternatives to ordinary consoles, and in some cases that’s just what they are. There is also some value to the idea of VR arcades. As one article put it, such arcades can be alternatives to late-night bowling alleys. The advantage of a VR arcade as opposed to a headset for home use is that more space can be used for movement, meaning many games will feel that much more realistic.

Bethesda Has Pioneering Ambitions

One of the bigger gaming headlines of 2017 has been that Fallout 4 is coming to virtual reality. This is a big deal for a lot of fans who enjoyed the post-apocalyptic masterpiece on regular consoles. But it may be a bigger deal in that it’s a pioneering move by Bethesda. It’s the first time that a major open world console game will be adapted in something close to its full form to a virtual reality platform. Needless to say, that could start a big trend if it’s successful.

Casino Sites Have Hopped On Board

It was probably a matter of time before casinos really hopped aboard the virtual reality train—and the truth of the matter is that this isn’t actually a new development. We saw one prominent platform launch a virtual reality section more than a year ago, and since then others have followed suit. We have yet to see a single game or website emerge as a dominant force in casino VR gaming, but such a rise is inevitable. This is a type of video game that has already thrived online thanks to features and gimmicks that make experiences more interactive, and VR is a natural next step.

So Has Nintendo

It’s always a big deal when Nintendo gets in on a gaming trend. Remember that it wasn’t even a year ago that the company partnered with Apple to release the first mobile Mario game as a perk coinciding with the iPhone 7 release. Lately the news has been spreading that there is a Mario Kart VR game, representing the first Nintendo property to make the leap. It’s not widely available yet, and there’s no clear indication as to when it will be, but it’s certainly interesting to know that Nintendo is beginning to make its moves.

Marvel Is On The Way

Similar to Nintendo, we’ve also recently learned that Marvel is making its own way toward VR gaming. A new game called Powers United has been announced and will be developed by Oculus and Sanzaru Games. The game will allow players to step into the shoes of three Marvel characters: The Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Rocket Raccoon. It should make for some very fun experiences, both for VR lovers and Marvel fanatics.