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Useful iPad Tips and Tricks 2019

If youre new to iPad or just upgrading from an older model, weve compiled a list of some of the best iPad repair and related tips and tricks that are well worth reading if youd want to get the most out of your tablet. Although some of these tips are specific to the iPad Pro, many are still applicable to customers who own other iPad models as well.

Saving Passwords

iOS 12 comes with an Autofill passwords feature to help you keep track of all your passwords. All your passwords are stored in your iCloud Keychain where you can manually add your details such as username and password within your Setting for apps and websites that are required login details. Using Face ID and Touch ID, your phone will automatically fill in your information when recognizes ones that have already been logged.

Switching to a better keyboard

Do you find it hard to type on your keyboard, particularly on the new 9-7 inch model? You can adjust your onscreen keyboard. Press the emoji button and hold it until options appear when the keyboard is open. Pick Keyboard settings and it will bring you to a new window with many keyboard options. You can also access this option by going to Setting > General > Keyboard.

Make special attention to the Split Keyboard setting, which shifts the keyboard into two different sections that may make it easier to type with both hands. Take note also that you can download new types of keyboards that may be more fit to your tastes, such as Swiftkey and Gboard.

Backing Up

iPads are robust, but can get pilfered or break. That will be a problem specially if your phone has a lot of family videos and photos, business document, or other important files. You can avoid this problem if you start backing up from day one.

To back up all your files, go to settings and tap your name and under iCloud, turn on iCloud Backup. You can also buy monthly iCloud storage, but dont be a skinflint just eat the costs.

Virtual Trackpad for Every Iphone and Ipad

The 3D Touch virtual trackpad is now available on every iPad and iPhone. Turn your keyboard into a trackpad by tapping and holding on the Spacebar. Move your finger to move the cursor. If you tap on the trackpad with another finger, youll enter the text selection mode! This is now the fastest way to reliably select text on iOS!

Instant Notes

With either the Apple Pencil or the Apple Pencil 2, top your the screen of your iPad to wake up and launch right into the Notes app, which is handy for starting a note right away. Theres no need to unlock the iPad first. Instant Notes can be customized in the Settings app under “Notes.”