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What You Need to Know Before Transferring a Domain

The procedures for transferring a national and international domain are different from each other, so we will look at each one separately. National domain is all that ends with for example, since the international domains do not necessarily need to end with the country code, they can have only the category (for example: .com).

There are a few points that require your attention before you start hiring domain transfer service:

It is extremely important to check if the data you have initially registered remains updated. Your registration email will be used for the new domain registrar to contact you. If you need to update some data, you need to wait 60 days to perform the transfer. You can check your data with the company in which you have your registered domain, or consult the Whois database. Please note that if you have the identity protection service enabled in your domain, you will not be able to verify your data by Whois. In this case, only the company where you registered the domain will have this information.

Any DNS changes must be made before or after the transfer is complete, never during. Although this change is unrelated to the domain transfer process, updated information may not be taken to the new company if it is made during the transfer.

By default, when you transfer a national domain, all other national Reg names’ domain names on your behalf will be transferred to the new company. However, if you want to transfer only one domain it is also possible. The Registery explains how to do this in your  help page . Just click on “Account Management” and scroll the page up to item 5.3.

Deadlines for transferring a domain

In order for a domain to be transferred it must have been registered or renewed for more than 60 days and the renewal date is more than 30 days. While international domains cannot be transferred if they are not within those conditions, in the case of national domains, there is still an alternative. In this case, Registry will be responsible for the administration of your domain.