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4 Tips to Protect your IPhone X



It is a painful experience when your phone screen gets damaged. However, if you paid over a ,000 for that phone? That is extra-dreadful. That is what you can expect when your iPhone X hits the ground or perhaps suffers an alternative form of damage. Making it worse, Apple charges a whopping 9 for an iPhone X display screen maintenance. It is less than a brand new iPhone X, certain, but there are much cheaper options? Not getting your iPhone damaged at all. It is very costly getting Apple’s iPhone X repaired. Here is how you can reduce the risk of getting it damaged and get a less expensive insurance. Phone Protection Tips


These 4 tips to protect your iPhone X investment will certainly safeguard you against unforeseen drops.

Use a Sturdy Case

Placing your latest gadgets in a rugged case, like the LifeProof Next, will definitely offer adequate protection for your priced iPhone X.




iPhones are beautiful, absolutely no question about it, therefore it appears to be virtually criminal to place one inside a protective case. However, this is what must be done in order to provide complete protection against unexpected falls (or unexpected situations of butterfingers). Ideally, choose one that is extra durable, like the OtterBox case. For instance, the Defender Series which goes for just $50, provides fall as well as dust protection, in addition to that a holster belt clip which means the reduction of the time required in holding your phone, which then lowers the chance for it to be dropped. It certainly causes an additional bulk. In a situation you desire one prettier or slimmer, you will find countless alternatives, keep in mind though that any case is safer than carrying it without a case. However, be certain you select one which has a front lip that is raised, as this is more efficient in shielding the display screen against drops that are face down. Use a Screen Protector


In the event of a fall, screen protectors are the most effective tools to prevent a disastrous damage to your iPhone X. The screen protectors are created to absorb the hit of your phone, hence safeguarding your display against unexpected slips. Getting a screen protector is certainly a beneficial step in preventing unplanned expenses in regards to repairing your iPhone X.

A Good Grip

 Outsmarting unexpected falls is a great way to avoid damaging falls. There are a lot of tools you can procure at an online store to give you a good grip on your iPhone X, like pop sockets or ninja loops, these are extremely cheap but definite lifesavers in enabling your phone protection.

Get Insurance

Most major carriers provide iPhone insurances, which are definitely on the expensive side and usually Apple Care remains a better option in comparison. Apple care provides you with about 2 years of insurance against damages during that period.


Following these 4 tips will certainly aid you in outsmarting those unexpected drops, that cause unplanned expenses to be made, whether it be a phone case or a screen protector, you can be certain your phone is well defended against damage.