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5 Best Configuration Management Tools

It is believed that the current market is waking up with a variety of management tools. However, Configuration-Management (C-M) is determining as a systems engineering method for creating and maintaining products, practical and physical performance according to the design, requirements, and knowledge throughout the life cycle. Moreover, they are supposed to ensure the profitability of the business, better time management. Over the years, DevOps has evolved from a peripheral organization into the irreplaceable wealth of all IT managers. There is a lot of buzz around it, but there is also a lot of practical information. Therefore, many individuals are heading towards the international DevOps certification academy, DevOps University, for the sake of better understandings. Providing the environment, scheduling applications, maintaining infrastructure – these are all important but sensitive tasks that are usually done accordingly.

Configuration Management Tools – Basics

Configuration management is a system that is based on an administration subsystem. Configuration tools are supposed to play different roles in ensuring the consistency of physical and logical means. These tools detect and monitor the configuration management in DevOps and documentation of profit conditions. These devices are invaluable if they understand the effect of changing one configuration element on another. Management data settings are usually saved in the administrative settings database.

Why Use CM Tools?

All the same, the admin settings of CM tools allow modification as well as settings to be in a very quick manner, multiplied, in addition, allow them to hold on an appropriate regime that is supposed to monitor the possession in the expected state. Some configuration control tools use an abstract model, with the agent installed on the servers running regularly to process and use the latest central storage definitions. Configuration management software allows you to use real-world software development methods to manage and transfer real-time data centers with simple text definitions. Their success depends on the knowledge and abilities of the expert who is already done with the international DevOps certification academy.

Top 5 Configuration Management Tools

There are many tools that are accountable for configuration management and also available, in addition, every single has some attribute that is responsible to set it up in a better state of affairs as compared to others. Though, the list of below-defined controlled tools of configuration management in DevOps is considering as a number of things that people conceive to be a key to DevOps performance: thus they all have open software licenses, use external definitions, work unattended, and can be written.


C.F-Engine is considering among the well-known system tools which offer automatic design information for configuration. It is supposed to be grounded over the rules which are considered to distribute and repair the system, likewise contains promises. It is often reviewed to ensure proper compliance. Bringing capital to a desired political state is called convergence. All policies have access to all resources through the policy server. This policy server monitors computing resources online. Home clients should ensure that they are constantly updating the policy server with the latest and updated policies and continue to follow the available language instructions.


Among the best, Chef is the trending CM tool, which is a model for structure improvement. This provides a depository in order to create easy-to-use infrastructure. An integration framework designed to move managerial profit reserves through the infrastructure. However, the recipes are supposed to elaborate on the number of sources which are must be in a safe condition. They are able to work in the host condition or in independent settings called chef-solo. It integrates well with large cloud companies by automatically providing and configuring fresh devices, but at the bottom is a tool that is based on a technical center.


A plain automated tool, Ansible facilitates the implementation of applications and systems is possible. Automation with SSH with respect to it is almost plain English without agents installed on the remote system. Since no factor is needed, servers are cheaper. However, the connection of S-S-H is required to operate in thrust way, merely the traction is required. You can write playbooks with very few commands or edit them for more advanced automation tasks, which can be variants, as well as units.


Juju is determining in terms of a CM tool which is an open-source and startup software. It allows you to distribute, integrate and extend applications across different forms of relevant cloud programs in a quicker, and effective way. Utilized for magic (applications as a service) for configuring, distributing, developing, managing, monitoring, analyzing, reporting, and effectively storing (best practices) any distribution framework.