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5 Factors Affecting SEO on Page Optimization Checklist

Most businesses advertise these days through the internet marketing techniques. One of the most popular internet marketing techniques is the SEO which is being done by different digital marketing companies like The Marketing Folks that helps to increase the rank of a business in the search engine result page (SERP). Most SEO’s claim to understand the algorithms used by search engine. This may be possible to some extent but after the SEO carries out changes they must also review the SEO on page optimization checklist to understand if any more modifications are still required which includes the following 5 factors.

  • Title Tag and keyword – Mostly, the title tag should be the business name. If not, then it should be as close and as relevant to the business name as possible. Careful observation and analysis must be done to select keywords. Every applicable and suited keyword should be accommodated. While carrying out the SEO on page optimization checklist, these 2 points are elementary requirements and must be completed after studying the past SEO campaign, noting down the required changes and careful analysis.
  • Use of <H1> and <H2> tag – The <H1> is heading and should contain keywords that are closely related to the title of the page. <H2> is subheading and should contain keywords that are relevant to the heading, <H1>. Similarly there is <H3> and so on. The SEO on page optimization checklist must ensure that these headings and subheadings are properly defined because the result of rankings is very much dependent upon these parameters.
  • Multimedia usage – A good idea in SEO tactic is the use of multimedia. Images always help convey more than plain text. This is the reason why SEO strategies mention adding images to boost ranking. A caveat should be placed here that before adding any image, it must be ensured that it does not infringe upon any copyright violations; otherwise the result can be negative. This is the reason why this point deserves mention in the SEO on page up gradation checklist.
  • Site speed – The speed of the site after putting in the SEO effort should be observed. Most visitors don’t like to visit a site that loads very slowly compared to the rest and hence care must be taken that the site loads up pretty soon so that visibility does not get affected. If a site gets a number 1 ranking in a search engine but it fails to load within a short time, then much traffic will not be generated by it and it stands to lose its ranking over a period of time.
  • Social media sharing – The link of the site should be shared on the company’s social media pages. Likewise any development, new product launch and updates must be shared and any query or suggestion must be answered to the customer.

The SEO on page enhancement checklist considers all the above mentioned major points and takes steps to ensure that all of them are complied with and completed as per the best of abilities by the firm. This step further gives assurance to the entire SEO campaign that the job is being carried on smoothly so that other necessary steps can then be carried out.