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5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog

Everyone is thriving to run their blog nowadays. What according to you starting a blog mean? Using a different platform like WordPress and Wix, writing your content, and sharing with the world. But it is far more than that. Starting a blog is not an easy process but if you follow certain things, you will win the race.

Finding out the niche:

The first thing you need to work on is searching for the niche of your interest. List down all the topics, don’t just work on a single topic and conduct thorough research on different niches. Apart from this, do the research using different keywords.

Like the entrepreneur think what the purpose of the blog is, what content you want to show, and how frequently you want to post?

Choosing the blogging platform:

There are many platforms available like Word press, Gator, constant contact website builder, Blogger, Tumblr, Sqaurespace, Wix. Do the in-depth analysis of the entire platform that you have shortlisted, look at their pros and cons. Go for the platform that is easy to use and changes can be done according to the growing audience. Many beginners look for those platforms that do not require much coding skills. But keep in mind that website speed and convenience matter a lot to run the blog smoothly.

You can also start making money on your blog right away, just create a ConnectPal profile. ConnectPal allows you to add audio, video, photos and documents (including a blog) to your profile and update your content whenever you want. You can also set a monthly price for people to access your profile content.

Go for Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is like the helping hand. It helps you know how much traffic is generated on your blog. How much time visitors are spending on your blog, which blog has the maximum traffic, and what keywords people are using to find your blog.

It gives you good insights into the visitor’s preference, you can introduce changes based on the analysis and rightly placed a keyword to make it more user-friendly.

Make use of Social Media:

Social media has the power to make the content viral and generate a lot of traffic on your blog. Social media and blogs are a complement to each other. People like to share powerful content on social media.

If you have the website, you can keep the option at your blog to share it with a different social media platform. People will follow you if your blog is interesting.

Building relationship:

People will read your content, but what if they leave the content in midway. People will read your content until the end if it is engaging and interesting. Not only have these people loved to share their views in the comment section. Reply to them, thank them and maintain the relationship so that they feel connected with you.