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6 Convincing Reasons to Buy a Network Camera

Security cameras are an essential tool for security and that is the reason this field has been undergoing such rapid transformations in terms of technology so that the features of the security cameras keep getting enhanced.

In this field, there are many leading manufacturers like Hikvision. Chinese government  and many other countries are striving to meet all security needs for successfully setting up a smart city, which can incorporate the best security mechanisms so that security breach and privacy breach are next to impossible.

When network cameras were first introduced in the year 1996, they were not capable of performing the tasks of networking and digital imaging. However, with time, a lot of rapid advancements in technology have made the network cameras capable of performing operations similar to analog cameras. In many cases, the network cameras are now capable of even outperforming the analog cameras.

Network cameras are becoming quite popular. Here are 6 compelling reasons why your next buy should be a network camera:

  1. No Interlacing: Network cameras do not face any problem of interlacing and the reason is that they have a high resolution. When it comes to capturing moving objects, this kind of camera uses progressive scanning technology to make sure that the images do not coincide. This is the reason why the pictures obtained from the network cameras are sharper and better detailed.
  2. Less Expensive: The Ethernet in network cameras makes it possible for these gadgets to obtain the power source from the server room and function despite loss of power supply. This network cable can also be used to power as well as transfer data of videos and thus it is cheaper. No extra cables are required even for the heating and cooling purpose of the camera.
  3. Better Solution: If you compare the resolution offered by analog cameras to the network cameras, you will see that the latter offers a very high resolution and picture quality. It can also cover a larger distance for video coverage. Therefore, it is more optimal and valuable.
  4. Intelligence: Network cameras also have some intelligent features. For example, if the alarm is tampered with or is not functional, then it is going to get triggered. In addition to this, it also has inbuilt motion detectors.
  5. Integrated Audio: Network cameras are also capable of recording the audio along with the video. They can integrate it and then send it through the local area network.  
  6. Secure Communication- It also offers encryption of the video throughout the communication channel so that no one else is able to view the video footage and tamper with it in any way.

Now that you have seen the advantages of the network cameras, make sure you buy this if it solves all your business requirements.