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7 Ideas to Test if Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Converting

Facebook ads are an effective way to promote products and services online. But what if your ads aren’t converting? From setting up a target audience to split testing ads there is simply so many different aspects to manage when doing Facebook advertising. In his article, we’ll try to help you do all of this better!

Here are our 7 favourite things to test when our Facebook ads aren’t converting.

1. Create New Ad Groups

Create ad groups based on your audience demographics. To read your target market, your ads really  need to speak to your potential buyer. For example, if you sell a certain type of product, create an ad group for men, another one for women, and yet another one for children.

This will allow you to target specific audiences and see whether your ads perform better than others. Eventually you’ll be able to find your ideal customer and reach profitable campaigns. The whole process is great for growth, but also great learning as a business owner.

2. Set Up Custom Audiences

Custom audiences allow you to reach out to specific groups of users. This means that you can target your ads to a specific demographic.

For example, you can set up an ad campaign targeting only those people who live in Los Angeles County. You can even import data from your existing customers or your app’s active users and create lookalike audiences. Facebook will use information about your customers to try to find customers with similar characteristics.

3. Use Social Media Analytics Tools

Social media analytics tools provide insights into the performance of your social media campaigns. They include information about likes, shares, comments, and conversions.

Analytics tools can help you understand how well your ads perform, allowing you to improve conversion rates.

4. Measure Conversions

Conversion tracking allows you to make sure your on track in reaching your campaign objectives. The metric that you will track could be site visitors, but most likely it’ll be a conversion near the transaction. For example, items added to cart or newsletter registration.

It’s important to know this metric so you can determine whether your ads are performing well and help optimize your campaigns over time.

5. Test Different Versions of Your Advertising Copy

The copy of your ads is very important. It should be compelling enough to get someone to click through. If not, why would they spend their money on your ad?

You should always change your ads’ copy by using A/B tests. This process can be challenging, but a/b testing tools like Flowin do an amazing job in helping you test the different versions of your ads quickly.

The most important aspect of ad testing is keeping track of the tests and making sure you make the right conclusions after the test is complete.

6. Optimize Landing Pages

Landing pages are webpages that appear when people visit your website. These landing pages are not like the other pages on your website because they are often used to direct customers to contact forms or lead generation forms where they can fill out their contact details.

When optimizing landing pages, focus on improving the user experience. Make sure that the layout of the page makes sense.

Also ensure that there is enough content on the landing page. Don’t forget to include call-to-action buttons and links to additional resources.

7. Improve User Experience

Improve the user experience of your landing pages by testing different designs. Focus on improving the overall aesthetics of your landing pages.

Use a tool like Adobe XD to design landing pages quickly and easily. Once you’ve created your designs, preview them on multiple platforms to ensure that they render correctly.


Facebook ads have become one of the best ways for businesses to reach potential customers. However, you need to keep testing and measuring to see which ads work best for your business.

We hope this article has helped you do just that! With continued efforts we’re certain that you’ll be able to run successful ad campaigns.