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9apps; another store to get some awesome apps

What makes you compelled to have an smart phone for your own use an incredible phone or its looks or something extraordinary to access the internet directly for anything I suppose the apps. At this juncture I would like to enlighten you with the common but unknown from the smart phone user an apps junction like play store that sounds quite familiar an app junctions. Talking about you the most admiring apps called 9apps where the smart phone user can directly download most common apps like whatsapp and the other usable app like facebook and instagram Vidmate and tub mate as well as the app for other utilization.

Whenever we are to start talking about the phone the android ring the mind as soon as possible just because of the people are being so addicted to any apps like 9apps in which you can access all kind of the apps. Going across the Google you must have been wondered that too many applications on the play store are generally useful to the user but talking about the convenient for all the time then it get little bit different. On the play store you might not be able to find out the 9apps but if you are being the constant user of the UC browser then you must have been through this app as this one is on the top this browser.

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Here I am not intending of to telling about the UC browser only whenever you will look any ads from the play store or the other entertainment site then 9apps must be appear there to be downloaded.  If you ever have been through the 9apps then you must be download Vidmate and tube mate also where the countless songs are there to watch and listen online and offline. There has been quite different about the play store and 9apps you must need to understand the basic unusualness if you have been looking forward to download it in to your own smart phone.

  • Play store is completely owned by the search giant named Google and the manifesto made by Google supposedly to be followed by the every user.
  • Play store is not app it is a platform form where the apps can be downloaded but the 9apps a kind of apps
  • 9apps is owned by the developer who owns it and this very app is not available on play store but the light version is there to understand the nature of this application.
  • Platy store contains countless applications where as the 9apps has the limited capacity but selected apps are quite best to be used in the android apps.
  • If we go though the convenient of the apps then the play store has best feed back in fact the Google has given a marvelous feature for the smart phone user but 9apps has been an app from the very beginning.
  • The Vidmate and tub mate both are not available on the same store which I am talking about and both of them contains the quality to be used for downloading the high qualities videos.
  • 9apps is only accessible from the Google when you search directly about it by giving the accurate key words.

In the entire digital world whenever people ponder about the downloading videos and songs from you tube and the other videos sharing sites then only tube mate and Vidmate are taking the responsibility to download it. Both of these applications are the splendid application of the apps junction called 9apps and both have amazingly awesome to download videos.