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A Platform To Put Up Your Views And Ideas

WordPress is really a popular platform to put up what you want other people to take a notice of. Basically it is a blog. It is an attractive and versatile platform on web to write on certain topic and attract viewers to it. Blogs are written for different purpose. Whatever has to be brought in public notice can be written a blog about. It is easy to draft an article but difficult to find a host to display it on the web.

WordPress hosts available for help

There is no shortage of providers. You will find millions of them offering lucrative services and great prices to attract you to them. But I recommend you not to go on just words. Rely on hosts who have experience in this field and makes promises which they keep.

The top two managed WordPress hosts are WP Engine and Flywheel. They are at par with each other and none can be considered to be inferior to the other. WP Engine is a bit pricier compared to other companies but to avail the facilities of speed, security, technology etc the amount you pay is worth it. On the other hand, Flywheel is a little more affordable. It has great security and combats against hackers. It not only protects your website but also ensures speed.

Ranking of the best shared hosting providers

All providers are reviewed on the basis of their launch plans, price, services and facilities etc. Among many of these, Inmotion Hosting tops the chart with great facilities at $4.19 per month. It is further followed by SideGround Hosting priced at $3.95 per month. The third place is occupied by HostGator at a price same as the former host. At number four stands BlueHost which has kept prices at par with the former two. WebHosting Hub is the fifth one on list having a price $4.99 per month.

Free web hosting

There are many hosting services providers who offer this facility for free to increase its popularity and bring itself to people’s notice. The best free WordPress web hostingcan be listed as Wpnode, x10hosting, Freehostia, Zymic, Award Space, Byethost etc.

The word ‘free’ attracts lot of attention but you need to know that the providers who have free services cannot provide quality of facilities as paid services can. The type and quality of service depends on customer support available, backup options etc. they mostly have conditioned service. For example they might put you at compulsion to include advertisements as a part of agreement or limit your bandwidth to encourage updates.

To find the right one

You need to find the most suitable one for yourself. The choice is based on perfect strategies and research through a lot of data. You need to ascertain the best for you. Your budget also plays a great role in limiting your choice options. You have to understand what those companies offer your business in return of your work.