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Attractive Features of Latest Window Air Conditioning System – Boosts Performance and Efficiency

Air conditioners are designed to provide effective cooling solution. Running cost of central AC system is more and power demand can cause weighed down circuits and power shortage. In addition, each room needs varied temperatures for comfort. For example, a living room needs focused cooling in comparison to your bedroom.

An LG window air condition is the best solution for many environments. Popular features to be enjoyed from every window AC models are –


Thermostat helps to control cooling output. Several basic models include small digital displays, which reveal the selected temperature. High end models display both selected and ambient temperatures. It is more convenient accurately maintain consistent room temperature. With feature like automatic shut off the unit turns on and off automatically and maintains required temperature.

Remote control

Window AC’s are available with remote controls that enable users to adjust fan speed and temperature from a distance. It is ideal for people working in busy environment or a workshop. Window AC unit with remote control is ideal for rooms, where windows cannot be accessed easily. Some units include magnetic hold on their sides for placing the small remote, so as to avoid misplacing it.

Adjustable fan speed

This feature allows user to control the speed to fill the space with cool air more leisurely or quickly. Users get to select from two or three fan speed options low, medium, and high. Adjustable fan speed helps to affect noise level caused, especially a best option for your bedroom [select low speed at night].

Air direction control

Air flow from the unit can be controlled with adjustable louvers or directional vents. You can target cooling and micro-climate within room of any size. Advanced window AC can cover many areas with its cooling power.


Filters are crucial components of air conditioners. They help to remove airborne grime and dirt from entering the system. This can hinder the airflow and affect the unit’s performance. You can opt for two kinds of filters

  1. Standard filters need to be changed with the new ones regularly for attaining effective coolness.
  2. Washable filters need to be removed, washed, and replaced. It is a money-saving option because washable filters are designed to tolerate lots of usage.

Programmable timer

Amazon is the best online shopping source to buy high quality and branded appliances. You can look for Window AC models with programmable timer. It helps the unit to go into action and become inactive, at a specific time.

Energy star rating

Units that carry Energy Star rating operate 15% more efficiently in comparison. Energy efficient unit is preferable because you save significantly on operational costs.

Besides these features you will need to consider several other things, while shopping for window AC system.

  • Cooling capacity – Too large space cannot be cooled and dehumidified with little BTU making the room feeling uncomfortably hot with cold pockets.
  • Electrical needs – Ensure that your current electrical system is suitable to meet unit’s powerful electrical requirements.
  • Maintenance – Regular AC maintenance is crucial to sustain the unit’s performance and efficiency.