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Automated Payments for Vacation Websites

A recent update to Lodgify’s payment system makes it easier than ever to create automated payment schedules and reminder profiles. Users can now collect payments in various profile setups, while automatically adjusted the remainder of balance for future billing cycles.

Enabling Automated Payment Scheduling

To enable automated payments on the Lodgify system (find out more here: Lodgify Website), the toggle can be found in General Settings – under the Policy section. In order to turn the system on, guests need to have at least two payment instalments specified.

The number of payments can choose, as well as several other features as well. Each of the payments can be weighted according to an adjustable percentage of the whole balance. When a percentage is chosen for Payment 1, for example, all subsequent payments are divided equally to spread the difference evenly. Due dates can also be set for each of the instalments.      

Enabling Automated Payments Scheduling for Credit Card Payments

For businesses that accept credit cards, Lodgify’s new automated payment system can utilize guest credit cards as payment options very easily. By going to the Policy settings menu, administrators can activate and deactivate the credit card option.

By default, the guest credit card used to make the booking is automatically chosen for payment instalments, but through the provided settings providers can input other credit cards as well. PayPal and Manuel Payments are also available forms of payment through the same settings.    

Automated Messages and Alerts for non-Credit Card Payments

Automated payments work with credit cards primarily, and as a result, the process of setting up automation for businesses that do not accept credit cards is a little bit limited in terms of how money can be requested.

What the new system does allow for are automated messages and alerts which have already proven to be a real time-saver. Whether the payments being accepted are coming in via wire transfer, online wallet accounts like PayPal, or any of the other various non-credit card options, payments amounts can still be set up – along with scheduled reminders and alerts designed to help keep everyone current.


Lodgify’s new automated system comes as a very welcome change to a platform that was already easy to use. Utilizing the new system, the need for creating and sending manual payment requests and reminders is now completely negated as everything is handled seamlessly in accordance with leftover payment percentages, due dates and the number of payments assigned to a guests account.

By default, the automated payment system is not activated, but turning it on requires mere minutes. Once initiated, the system is sure to save vacation-rental property owners and managers countless hours: the time that has traditionally been subject to endless billing tasks.