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Choosing the right router as per requirements

It’s quite natural to want to buy a router that seems to have the best specs. It is quite understandable why you might think that the router with the highest specs is the best wireless router in the market. But remember that the purpose of the router must play a big role in your decision. You could buy the costliest router available in the market and yet it might not do you any good if your devices are not compatible with it and you can’t take advantage of the top of the line features.

Range of the router

You would think that every leap in technology will make things better, but not so. 802.11ac, the latest in wireless routers have a lower range when 5 GHz frequency is used compared to its predecessor 802.11n. But if 2.4 GHz is used it offers higher range compared to 802.11n. The range of a router depends on a lot of factors like the hardware, the antenna connection, router’s signal strength etc.  Most high end routers have a range of 150 feet indoor and 300 feet outdoors, find out the exact range of the router before you buy so that you don’t have blind spots at home.

Number of connecting devices

For a router that you want to use at home, this question isn’t all that significant because even an N router can support about 30 concurrent connections. But in a work place that might not be enough. An AC router will support over 100 connections at a time, so it makes more sense to buy one of those for the workplace.

Security and control

You would obviously want to control every facet of the router, and it makes sense too as the better your control the lesser the chance of any security breach. Best wireless routers will have advanced firmware and firewall. It will also have parental control to ensure that access to unsavory websites by your children or your employees is curtailed. Another feature that is quite important is the guest access; some routers will allow you to set a time limit on guest access as well.

Additional features

Some routers tend to make your life easier with features like networking printers, using USB disk drives, external memories etc. these features are really useful if you want to access movies, music etc. from many different systems but from a central location.