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Do online trading and invest in the Aviation industry

Commercial aviation directly impacts the US economy. It has created as many as 10 million jobs in America and contributes 5% to the nation’s GDP. The aviation industry creates economic activity worth nearly $1.7 trillion. The aviation industry consists of commercial and cargo flights as well as aircraft services. Aviation provides the most rapid transportation network, making it crucial for international business. The aviation industry has created almost 62.7 million jobs for people worldwide, making it an important industry. 

The stocks from the aviation industry tend to be sensitive to market changes and macroeconomic conditions. The biggest roadblock for investors that deters them from investing in aviation stocks is the fuel and labor costs that eat into their profits. These problems are inevitable in this business, but investors should probably stay away from the companies that are stuck with both problems. But in favorable conditions, airline stocks can grow and deliver good profits.  

If you want to invest in aviation stocks, you might want to look into Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc. Its stocks are listed on Nasdaq under the ticker ‘AAWW’ (NASDAQ: AAWW at The company was founded in 1992, in Purchase, New York. This company, through its subsidiaries, provides outsourced aircraft and all kinds of aviation operating services. It operates in three segments; ACMI, Charter, and Dry Leasing. 

The company specializes in outsources cargo and passenger aircraft operating solutions which include contractual service arrangements like provision of aircraft, value-added services like crew, maintenance, insurance to aircraft, etc. They also provide aircraft charter services to the US Military Air Mobility Command, direct shippers, freight forwarders, sports teams, and private charter customers. Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc. has operations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, The Middle East, North America, and South America; basically in every part of the world. 

This company has received a consensus ‘buy’ rating by various analysts. It has a market cap of $1.30 billion. The NASDAQ: AAWW stock has seen an increase of 177.6% ever since the pandemic hit us. Before the pandemic situation, the stock traded for $17.98 and is currently being traded for $49.92. The beta of this stock is more than 1, indicating that it is sensitive to market changes and price may fall or rise drastically depending upon market conditions. 

Atlas Air Worldwide operates in the sub-industry of air freight and logistics. Its competitors in this sector are United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, XPO Logistics, Echo Global Logistics, Forward Air, Hub Group, Park Ohio, etc. Analysts have predicted a downside in price target, to $41.50, as opposed to the current $49.92.  You can do stock trading at stock trading app with trading options for dummies. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.