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Way to download YouTube video using Elmedia

YouTube is the most familiar platform to enjoy different videos and movies. Usually, when we try to watch those videos, we turn on our internet connection and go to the website to find the video. We cannot find any option for directly downloading these videos. Thus, we have no chance of streaming them offline. However, at present, you can find lots of media players. The software makers have designed these applications to help you in easily download any YouTube video. Windows PC users have Windows Media Player to run the videos or music. Now, as a Mac user, you have to install other applications, like Elmedia Player,

No app installed? How to download the online video

While you watch online videos, you can find lots of ads. However, downloading the videos, you will see no ads, interfering with those videos. We have presented you some tricks to download YouTube video without any application.

  • Visit the site of YouTube
  • Find out the video that is to be downloaded. You can start playing the video to ensure it’s the correct video.
  • Place your cursor on search bar for locating your video
  • Now, in this bar, type the letter- After that, you have to add that domain- The URL will get changed, and you can hit Enter button.
  • Then, press Download, and you will see a menu, showing you various options for video quality options.
  • The download process will get started, and you have the option of choosing both video and audio.

Downloading videos with Elmedia

Now, to make everything easier, you can rely on Elmedia. The YouTube video downloading steps with this software include

  • Select Window and then browser mode
  • Type URL of the video; hit Enter key
  • Find a list and choose the file to be downloaded. Click on download.
  • You have an option of choosing the video format

Those, who are looking for the only soundtrack of the chosen video, can click on the Audio tab. Thus, it is also essential to enter audio file format. For General tab, all files get stored in the Download list. You may create a folder for saving the video.

Thus, we think that the second process is better and simpler for you to download YouTube videos. Although there are several other software systems that act as a media player, you can invest in Elmedia.