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Energy Saving Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

If your electricity bill is too high and you need to find an effective method to save energy and expenditure significantly, you need to speak to a commercial LED lighting expert like LED by Vision. 40{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} of your energy bill is lighting related.

If you believe that switching to a low carbon emission commercial LED lighting system means enduring half lit rooms which make staff less productive, nothing could be further from the reality. These lights benefit companies because they offer efficient lighting which keeps staff alert, maximising productivity.

Many LED lights and halo lights are dimmable with no flickering. Occupancy sensors can cease the lighting if there is no one in a room. This is perfect if team members leave lights on and forget to economise.

Look for a commercial LED lighting firm that’s:

  • Carbon Trust accredited.
  • ESOS – Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme – compliant.
  • Meets Enhanced Capital Allowance Super Green credentials.
  • WEEE compliant.

You could save the following using low carbon footprint, high performance and design LED lighting:

  • Halo lights: Up to 75{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0}
  • Luminous high bay: Up to 85{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0}.
  • Tri-lights: Up to 85{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0}.
  • E14 Candle lamp: Up to 90{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0}.
  • GU10 Spotlight: Up to 90{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0}.
  • 80 Watt floodlight: Up to 85{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0}.
  • 20 Watt compact floodlight: Up to 85{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0}.
  • Maintenance costs are frequently reduced by a staggering 95{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0}.

Take another look at your energy bill. Are you sure that you are too busy to make time in your schedule to address this issue? You may have “gone with the flow” for too long.

Firms including LED by Vision will tailor lighting to your business needs so that you have the best tools, optimum lighting, safety and savings. By the time that design and installation work is completed your confidence that energy bills will make you smile will be rocketing. You may also be eligible to apply for Carbon Trust accreditation.

Just a few of the high recognisable names who are Carbon Trust accredited include:

  • LED By Vision
  • Sky
  • Aldi
  • Bupa
  • The Scottish Government

Halo lights example:

  • LED halo lights are round, rimmed, fully fitting lighting solutions.
  • Save up to 75{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} energy and 95{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} on maintenance.
  • ECA and ESOS qualifying product.  
  • 8, 15 and 26 watts.
  • Daylight, warm and natural.
  • Frosted polycarbonate lens.
  • Even light spread.
  • 0{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} glare.
  • Slim.
  • 5 years’ guarantee.
  • No mercury.
  • No harmful gasses.

2D fitting lights:

  • IP54 2D fitting – for clients who require a surface mounted product.
  • 12 watts, 18 watts or 25 watts.
  • A 5 year guarantee.
  • Daylight, natural and warm.
  • ECA qualifying product.  
  • 63{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} energy savings.
  • 95{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} maintenance savings.
  • 0 UV emissions.
  • No mercury/harmful gasses.
  • Integrated emergency ION- lithium battery.

600 X 600 panel – LED lights example:

  • 35 watts, 40 watts or 50 watts.
  • Daylight, natural and warm.
  • ECA and ESOS qualifying product.  
  • 58{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} energy savings.
  • 95{d8b66277a7518e4eec372fc66ba9c89064d9fca13d781d7d97b205a7ede9dbc0} maintenance savings.
  • Flicker and shadowing free.
  • Dimmable.
  • 5-year guarantee.

Earn your halo (lights) today by investigating commercial LED lighting. Leading firms are keen to advise businesses like yours.