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Finer Options for the Instagram Business Options for You


Instagram is the social network with the highest growth rate ever recorded and the fact that it is based on sharing visual content to be conveyed through hashtags and geotags, means that posts get very high interactions from all parts of the world. Below we will go to make a complete overview of how and why to make Instagram Marketing.

Let’s start from the beginning and define Instagram what it is :

Instagram was born in 2010, from an idea by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege, as an app to take pictures and apply filters. Only later was its potential understood, so as to allow sharing on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr.

Available at first only for iOS devices, the Android version was born in 2012, allowing a more rapid spread of the application and a significant increase in the number of subscribers to the platform. It is only as a result of this great growth that Zuckerberg understands its potential, so much so that it decides to buy it to transform Instagram into a powerful social network, almost as long as the longest-lived Facebook .

According to the Instagram blog, in June 2018 the number of registered users was 1 billion, data continues to grow. This makes us understand that Instagram is a social network that is not yet saturated and with a lot to give to its users, so it proves to be a suitable platform for the development of new social media marketing strategies, thanks to the use of visual storytelling with aid of the   numerous new features offered by developers.

How to be successful on Instagram

Instagram is a rather special social networking platform, unlike other social media like Facebook or Twitter it prevails, also thanks to the lower and lower average age of users, more informal behavior, based on immediacy and sharing of the moment .

Instagram is therefore increasingly used, in synergy with other social media, to highlight a less serious part of the brand , linked to the story, to people, to life, in other words behind the scenes; or to show a more “creative” side, linked to the playful and artistic aspect.

Create an Instagram Business profile

Instagram marketing – business profile Business profiles arrived in Italy in June 2016 and brought some very useful news for all companies that use Instagram in their social media marketing strategy .

If you are a freelance or a company, if you have not already done so, the thing we recommend is to immediately make the switch. Simply enter the settings and tap on the “Switch to Business Profile” item. At this point, all you need to do is associate the linked Facebook page and indicate the contact options like email and phone number. You can now also buy real Instagram followers and make the best use of it.

Insights related to promotions

You can learn more about the data shown by simply clicking on “Other”. The interesting thing is that, as for Facebook, it is possible to verify the socio-demographic data of your followers, in order to study a Instagram Marketing strategy perfectly targeted.