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Five Social Media Tips to Grow Your Brand

Social media has been an effective tool for selling products, supporting customers, connecting to potential leads and, most importantly, establishing brand authority successfully. In fact, it has been reported that over 70% of consumers patronize a brand after a positive social media experience with that particular brand. However, faced with multiple social media platforms and diverse branding techniques, marketers may be a little lost.

Here is a list of social media tips to help brands grow faster and reach father horizons with ease.

  • Pick the right social media for your brand

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus are the most commonly accessed social platforms. However, selecting the ones that best suit your brand and its image is essential. For instance, a jewelry brand or a home décor brand will work best with Pinterest. A food joint brand goes well with Facebook, while LinkedIn is the most recommended choice for B2B business models. Therefore, investing time and energy into identifying the right platform(s) is the first step to social media success.

  • Publish content carefully

Brands do not have to follow a strict publishing calendar and create posts for the sake of it. Content created by brand can be in any form (memes, images, videos or blog posts) but must resonate with the audience and connect with users at a personal level. Less substantial techniques like clickbait strategies must be avoided. Tools that help to track best content pieces in a particular industry must be used and all content must be made shareable.

  • Seek help from industry influencers

It is widely recognized that good quality content will attract more followers in the long run. However, this process will take time and many brands eventually lose focus. A better approach with social media content is to leverage influencers in the industry. For instance, your blog post may include a quote shared by an industry influencer. Tag that person to your blog post or mention his/her website within the content to gain better reach for your brand.

  • Pay attention to visuals

Social media branding is all about visuals. From choosing the right shades and styles to maintaining consistency among different platforms, ensure that your visuals are helping in building brand recognition and brand recall successfully.

  • Run campaigns on social media

Contests and other incentive-based campaigns play a very important role in social media. Brands from all types of industries are already running such campaigns and have been successfully engaging social media users with their brand.

Social media cannot make your brand an overnight super star. Nonetheless, genuine followers will gradually emerge and will help the brand build a cult place for itself.