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Google is the First Brand to Sell these Voice Activated Speakers in Singapore

Google has become the first brand to sell its voice activated speakers in Singapore. The search engine giant had earlier made its intention clear that it wanted to explore the retail scene of electronics hardware in the country. Now it has launched the first of its kind online store in Southeast Asia where customers can buy its products directly. The store is selling various hardware products of Google including Pixel 2 XL, Wi-Fi and voice enabled speakers. Till the launch of the store, these products were only available to Singaporeans through Singtel, Lazada and StarHub among other retailers.

Some watchers may be tempted to think that the initiative of Google is perhaps a stepping stone for the parent company Alphabet to set up brick and mortar stores. Rivals of Google, the likes of Apple and Samsung along with regional powerhouse Xiaomi, already have their own physical stores. However, Google is unlikely to take any such step going forward. The company has officially addressed such speculations and clarified that it intends to work with the retail system as it exists now and it intends to understand how everything operates before expanding its hardware business. It has no plans in the near or the foreseeable future to come up with any physical store, be it in Singapore or Southeast Asia.

Google has fared well with its exclusive online presence. Its products are of course available at many retail stores and that has also worked out predictably and rewardingly for the behemoth. The company has used its online agility to meet consumer demands and it has constantly reviewed its practices to ensure the shopping experience of customers and businesses is never impaired in any way. The one of a kind store that Google has launched online allows the brand to offer exclusive deals to customers. It expects to have much better promotional offers and discounts for shoppers in time to come.

Consumers can now buy Google Home and the smart speakers Google Mini at the Singapore store. Google has beaten its rivals Apple and Amazon by foraying into Singapore. Neither the Homepod of Apple nor Echo of Amazon has been launched in the country. Smart voice enabled speakers are becoming a rage across countries. The convenience of using voice commands to play songs, to access news and also to navigate Netflix among other luxuries has been welcomed by all users who are in love with such gadgets. These speakers are becoming an integral part of smart homes. Google has also teamed up with Singapore Airlines and OCBC Bank to provide flight information and foreign exchange rates as well as financial market updates in real time via the voice enabled speakers.

Google Home is expected to induct many more such features and functionalities. Of course the long term utility of such devices depends on more than the entertainment value and convenience factor. Such gadgets would gradually become integrated to many more aspects of day-to-day life. They would get smarter and will offer more than just convenience of access and control.

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