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How an LIMS Can Improve Reporting Capabilities and the Benefits to your Organization

Reports are seldom a point of emphasis when choosing Software for Process Labs. But quality reporting can be a key feature in taking your lab to the next level by shielding your organization from compliance risks and by impressing customers with actionable data.

A high-powered Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) system takes the pain out of reporting by allowing organizations to build highly configurable reports and modify them as needs shift. The ability to display meaningful information in an understandable fashion that meets all applicable regulations can make a world of difference to customers and stakeholders.

Compliance Benefits

Many process labs operate within highly regulated industries, making specific, detailed reports a necessity. Creating these reports manually can take a significant amount of manpower, wasting resources that could leveraged elsewhere. An LIMS should create these reports automatically and make modifications quick and easy. The automated generation also reduces the risk of human error and improves overall reliability. Maintaining an airtight audit trail is a struggle for many organizations, but with the right software and reporting capabilities, it can easily become a strength.

Strong Customer Service

Providing understandable, actionable data can separate elite laboratories from the rest, especially when a varied customer base must be considered. Internal, executive-level stakeholders have a different set of needs and requirements than external paying customers. When reports are highly customizable, they can serve a variety of purposes with ease. Data can be manipulated and displayed in different fashions to demonstrate long-term trends, short-term results, or to provide evidence to support hypotheses. Providing the right data at the right time in the right format can elevate a lab’s reputation within an organization and help demonstrate value to outside entities.

Once reports have been configured, the right software product will offer a comprehensive set of delivery options to satisfy any constraint.

  • A customized delivery configuration can allow reports to be created at regular intervals without the need for manual intervention. Alternatively, reports can be delivered on-demand without waiting for someone to manually generate them. Reports can also be generated based on an event occurring within the lab, such as a missed sample quality gate.
  • Delivery can be based on the type of report and the level of security required. Each report can be designed to be delivered via a secure intranet site, sent via email, or available via a different delivery method.

When shopping for Software for Process Labs, don’t overlook the power of strong reporting capabilities. An LIMS that allows an organization to produce accurate, meaningful reports in an efficient and configurable manner can provide benefits to any laboratory, increasing the value added to the organization and making results more visible.