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Dingit is a live streaming platform that is managed by some unique technology, it brings a new way of delivering video to the end user ensuing better quality stream and at the same time using less bandwidth which will be discussed more on. has built an audience of over 11 million through daily eSports (electronic sports) programming; it owes this rapid growth to its exceptional Internet protocol unequaled to any streaming service, this is fast redefining eSports.

DingIt TV platform makes it feasible to get 1080p 60 frames per second streams on large scale, while still dropping the amount of buffering viewers get by up to twenty seven times and dropping the bandwidth they have to view. This allows for a more pleasurable streaming service of high quality eSports video, saves time that would have been wasted when buffering intermittently and running cost for the viewer.

In addition to improved viewing experience for the gaming audience, Dingit.tvtools also presents some commercial opportunities for content creators DingIt will operate at a part cost of other platforms, and as such passing these cost benefits on to content creators. These positions are further improved through some inventive technology that preventsunauthorized re-streaming and ad blocking, and as such presenting substantial advantages for marketing partners too. The resultant end product is that dingit is able to make more profits per viewer; the profits are then reinvested in content and a market-beating revenue share for the broadcasters and content creators.

As far as eSports go, it is important to note that DingIt has also embarked on a global reach, trying to bring a constant and quality gaming experience to audience all around the world. Most of the content built is broadcasted with local language comments in real time, making it possible for pro players to reach new audiences. The most recent development is the ability to stream using mobile phones. Inas long as a user’s connection is sufficient, they will be able to broadcast and watch streams regardless of their location around the world thus; eSports-viewing experience is no longer affected by the viewer’s location.

DingIt also gives users the opportunity to submit their own high quality highlights and video contents, which are then reviewed to ensure that they comply with the terms of agreement of the site and then published, live. This brings more audience to eSports as it not only allows them to view as provided with offline gaming but also make their own gaming highlights. produces highlights from all contents with the sole aim of getting the interest of casual gaming audience to bring them into competitive gaming,which is one of’s major objectives.This platform aims at promoting and bringing more young people into gaming, which consequently increasing the fan base of eSports.

It is safe to say that DingIt is the latest streaming craze, as due to its modernized features and rapid growth as stated above, which brings more viewers to the site, advertises eSport to a larger community of viewers.