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How Does a Hosting Provider Affect Your Website SEO?

How can we predict that web hosting affects SEO and if yes then what is the reason for it?

The choice of host is directly going to affect your SEO. Your choice of host cannot directly boost your rankings. But, a good hosting provider can definitelyhelp you to achieve your SEO in a number of ways.

Google’salgorithm is changing,evolving and updatingcan be stressful in determining what factors are important for SEO efforts.One should understand the impact which can directly bring out the traffic to your website.

However, the poor choice of hosting provider can seriously affect your SEO.

Does Your Hosting affect SEO?

Search Engine is a set of rules that can be applied to your website that has more visibility and exposure. Some are affected by your hosting performance includes the speed, availability and security and SEO.

Choosing your host wisely can leave you on edge of the competition. If you are looking for any cheap web hosting Malaysia for your business then MilesWeb hosting is best for you.

SEO Awareness: It is a must for the hosting provider.Some hosting providers don’tknow that how some mistakes can damage the SEO of your site for example -we can say if a hosting provider has restricted the Google bot in the robot.txt because there were many visitors on your website. Here only those who know what robot.txt is, only can understand how SEO unfriendly the provider was. The bottom line is your hosting provider should not do the things which can harm your site’s SEO.

Security – 

Your website security is extremely important,You may take all the measures to secure your website,but if the hosting provider does notprovide the same then it’s like building sand castles. A website which is not secure can harm your rankings in many ways. Google may penalizethe sites which are affected by hosting malware. It can eventually hurt your traffic. If your website doesn’t have good security or most probably gets affected by the malware then it can result in domain blacklisting and de-indexing. All these factors lead to decrease in ranking.

Server LocationFirst, check whether they are having the latest technology and newly configured hardware and procedures. Location has become a huge factor in Google’s algorithm, but it has been actually been a metric for a long time. Google’s relies on location when search isn’t a local search.

If the server location is nearby obviously he/she will prefer the server location which is nearer to the location where the person stays or has the server setup. If a person stays in Malaysia, he will prefer server the location of Malaysia mostlyand not the UK for hosting his website. Shared hosting Malaysia which is ideal to get start your hosting in Malaysia and other parts of the globe also as MilesWeb presence is overall in many other countries. Earlier people used to prefer other location also, but recently, IP address is delivering more accurate results then preferring other locations because local searches are given more value then global searches. You need to check your targeted audience first depending upon that, you can choose your hosting service provider.

Server Performance – 

Server performance is as important as you need fuel todrive your car.  This includes the site speed and its downtime. The performance of the server can affect the user’s experience badly.  Google takes this  veryseriously.

Google makes it extremely difficult to consider the factor which affects the slow leading speeds and penalizes the website.  Your host should have at least 99% uptime.If you are using a shared hosting then is most likely to hurt your speed as compared to a dedicated server. It is more costly but it gives you proper uptime and performance than other hosting options if your audience is large. But it is way better for the business to continue the long run. There are large no. of hosts which provide hosting services but, as per my knowledge the best in hosting industry is MilesWeb hosting company  which is considered  the best in overall performance and support wise in hosting industry.


Just want to tell you that I’m not ana ffiliate nor representative of this company. I just can say that MilesWeb and Bluehostaretwo of the best hosting companies. Their plans and prices are affordable. If you are serious about your website or online business then I can recommend you MilesWeb VPS hosting to go for. As VPS hosting facilitates everything as per your business requirement. Dedicated hosting is costly as compared to VPS hosting. But if your requirement is fulfilled with VPS then it’s better to select it. MilesWeb guarantees 99.95% uptime where other companies can’t give this much guarantee as they say but don’t fulfil it. MilesWeb prices are cheap and affordable as compared to other hosting providers.


There are plenty of hosting providersbut you need to choose the best as perthe SEO of your site It is also important to consider the locations, high-quality performance, security, reliability and trustworthy  make sure your SEO  is not affected like slow speed, downtime and security. MilesWeb is considered to be the best hosting in this case for getting your SEO in a better way. Make sure you research and get a review of these qualities of a hosting provider before getting into hosting services. I hope MilesWeb won’t disappoint you in any sense and makes your hosting worth it.