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How SEO Is Helping the E-Commerce Industry

Any business owner who has built an online presence for his or her business knows the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Competition in business is higher than ever and it is not about to die down. If you can make your business visible offline as well as online you have a fair chance of competing on an equal platform.

How SEO Benefits the E-Commerce Industry

For your e-commerce website to turn in a profit, SEO is vital. In fact, any business large or small stands to gain a lot from SEO. If you make a cursory search online, you will realise that the biggest firms including international corporations such as Coca-Cola and Microsoft have a very visible online presence.

SEO Analytics have profiled the following information based on intensive data analysis of commerce and Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Makes You Visible to Customers

More people than ever before are spending a lot of time online browsing for information as well as products they need. This has raised the need for companies and businesses to put their businesses online and also make it possible for consumers to shop from the comfort of their homes or offices.

You will realise that most of your web traffic comes from organic search and other systems. Google and other search engines including Amazon aid in driving web traffic for businesses which generates in sales and therefore, profits.

  •       Consumer Decisions Are Dependent on Search Results

A customer who is searching for services such as insurance covers or cosmetic products will type in certain words and a list will appear on their screen. The companies that are able to use SEO effectively appear on the first page of Google. Many consumers will hardly venture beyond the first page.

The consumer’s decision will therefore be affected by what they see first. They are more likely o check out the results showing on the first page to make a decision what to purchase and from whom.

Without SEO, your site will not be visible to consumers. This ultimately means that your business cannot be found online. Consequently, your competitors have an edge over you as even your customers will have to buy what they can see.

This slows your business down while your competition grows rapidly making more sales and therefore more profits. To combat this and give your business a fighting chance, you must create a strong online presence for your business and ensure that it is visible to your customers.

  •       Do Not Be Contented with an Average Ranking

As earlier mentioned, the businesses that appear on the first page of Google have all the advantage. With an excellent SEO strategy, your business could appear in the top 5 positions which would give you a greater advantage over your competitors.

Consider having your content translated into other languages by using translation efficiently. This ensures that customers who do not speak the main language your web content is written in also have a chance to view your site and make purchases.

SEO Grows Your Bottom Line

A study of successful companies shows that they use major resources on areas that are significant to the achievement of set goals. Areas that offer little in terms of revenue creation do not get the same treatment.

Marketing strategies are usually geared towards cost-effectiveness even as the company seeks to maximize on strengths and resources. An effective SEO helps an organization cut down on expenses such would be required for banner advertisements and paid traffic.

SEO generated traffic is free. Companies are required to pay for clicks on their websites or content. What you have for your business is high-quality traffic that completely free.

The Effect of SEO is Infinite

One thing business owners need to know about SEO is that it is affordable and has no ‘use by’ limitation. Advertisement is great and has been effective for ages. However, once the company stops paying, the traffic stops. SEO does not have the same limitation.

With a faultless SEO strategy, your business will be visible for a long time because search engine continuously builds upon itself and gets increasingly stronger.  Once you get your SEO up, you can build on it for years to come and keep your business firmly in the top positions.

Even if you decide to venture into other strategies totally unrelated to SEO, you will find that it continues to work as well as ever when you get back to it.


The success of the e-commerce industry and in extension many companies can be traced back to the effective use of SEO. It allows otherwise unknown companies to compete on a level ground with Amazon as well as other engines. Creating effective SEO for your business therefore helps to put your business on the map mo matter its size or length of operation.