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How to Change Windows Admin Password

“Looking for the ways to secure your data from the reach of other people?”

If so, you are at the right place because I am going to discuss how to change windows admin password to secure your password protect folder in your system. If you are on a shared computer, it is good for you to change its Admin password to protect your sensitive data. You can use a bunch of available methods for this purpose. But I am going to use only two handy and easy ways so that if you are a newbie, you won’t get baffled.

Let’s come to the point without wasting time and see what you can do to change the Windows Admin Password.

Method # 1: Windows Login Screen

The first method you can use for this purpose is to use the Login Screen of the Window. It is the easiest way to change the password and even a new user of the computer can follow the process. Here is how you can perform it.

  • Reboot the system, when the Login screen of Windows appears before you, you should press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” combination of keys twice to open the Classic Login screen.
  • It will show you the option for “Username” where you have to write “Administrator” and the next option will be “Password” that should not be filled.
  • Once you click “OK”, you will log in. Now go to “Control Panel” to reset the password.
  • Here, you need to look for “User Accounts” category.
  • Reset the password for Admin account and that’s all.

Method # 2: Use MS-DOS to Change Admin Password

You can also use MS-DOS in this context. A command “Net User” enables you to change the account and its password with a blink of your eyes. If you are not an expert user of MS-DOS, no worries because you do not have to perform any complicated process on DOS. It is just to put one command and that’s all. So, let’s see how you can do so.

  • Press “Windows+R” keys to open “Run” dialogue box. Once it appears, you need to type “cmd.exe” command to access “Command Prompt” and press OK.
  • Once you see the window of Command Prompt, you need to type “net user” and press Enter key.
  • It will show you a list containing the accounts of the users on this system. Now add the command “net user user_name new_password” and you have to add your name instead of “user_name” in this command. And add your password instead of “new_password.” For example, if I want to set my username “David” and the password “1345789”, my command will be “net user David 1345789.” Now press Enter to show the results.
  • Within a second you will see that your password being an admin of the Windows has been changed and you can use the new password now.