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How to Design an Exceptional Front Office

The front office is one of the first opportunities for a business to make a good impression, which is why it should be designed the best way possible. That being said, the rest of this post will briefly list down some of the must-haves in a well-designed reception.

Change the Way Visitors Register

Gone were the days when visitor registration needs to be done manually. In fact, in this age, a human receptionist is no longer essential. The functions of the latter can now be handled by a digital receptionist. This changes the way visitors are accepted in the office, making the process quicker.

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Add Elements of Nature

From the time that guests set foot in the office, they should feel calm and welcomed. To do this, it will be a good idea to decorate the office with indoor plants. These plants do not only add a hint of color, but they will also help in improving indoor air quality. Also, to add nature elements in the design, choose colors that will create a serene mood, such as blue and green in warm tones, Making use of natural light will also be a good idea. A water fixture is also great, provided that you have the available space.

Pick the Right Furniture

When choosing furniture to have in the front office, do not be too focused on aesthetics. There should be a perfect balance of form and function. For instance, choose chairs that are not too soft or too firm, making sure that the guests will feel comfortable when they are sitting. Avoid furniture that is too bulky, especially when space is limited. Also, the furniture colors should complement the overall look of the front office.

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Light it Up

Lighting can do a lot in improving the appearance of the front office. If it is dark, it does not feel welcoming at all. You can also use accent lights to add decorative elements to the reception area. However, when choosing lights, make sure to pick those that won’t generate too much heat to prevent discomfort amongst your guests.

Get Rid of Clutter

Our last tip does not deal with any design element at all. Getting rid of clutter in the front office is one of the simplest ways to create an unmatched appeal. Remove any unnecessary item, such as old newspapers, irrelevant magazines, or papers that are no longer needed. If it is clean, it does not only look beautiful, but it also has a calming effect. If it is neat, you won’t need much of the décor to impress anyone who will be visiting the office.

Remember, first impressions last! The goal is to make a good initial impression once a guest arrives. This can be possible by doing the things that have been mentioned above.