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How to protect your home security camera from being hacked?

The home security cameras are available at an affordable rate. Some of them cost even less than $100. It is for this popularity, that a lot of people are buying them over others. The home security cameras are gaining extensive popularly. It can either be used for personal puporses or commercial spaces.

The home security cameras are usually installed on the porch to increase the security. But it seems that the security cameras too aren’t secure anymore. With the Advent of technology, people are breaking into the system, hacking it and stealing all personal data. Various experienced persons have warned against the camera and asked to be careful with it.

Cameras hacked is a very common incident. However, if you keep a check on it, you will be able to realise it sooner. If you feel your security camera is hacked, you need to take immediate steps that can help you come up with the best solution. Some of the prominent ones include

Change the password

Company breaches are very common but when it is about residential breaches they are very common. Personal enmity and financial greed are some of the reasons why residential breaches take place. As a result, it is necessary that you set up a proper password security with advanced setting.

Instead of sharing your personal network with your loved ones, you should create a guest Network for them. Also, it is necessary to maintain the cycle of change and reformation in every step of the way. Once you’ve been updating, there are rarely any chances for you to drop into your house. You can always apply a backdoor password to the system for increased security..

Get camera from trustworthy sites

There are several sites selling CCTV cameras. But you will also be able to find these an affordable rate in the auditions. In the auctions, you may get the cheapest deal on CCTV cameras. However, it is not necessary to go for the cheapest option for it can be bad as well.

If you set out to make a purchase, you should choose something that is loaded with all the essential features and is from a trusted seller.

Keep updating

No matter how many times you have already updated it, you need to ensure that you update the accessory on a regular basis. Regular updates can help you fix all the problems easily.

You should check the camera app to determine or find about the device. If any update is available make sure to do it for additional purposes.