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How to transfer files from iPad for the Mac tasks

Anyone would love a single application that helps in transferring the files from the iPad for all the Mac tasks. It is much more convenient and easy to do the job with the help of a single application. SyncMate not only helps in transferring the files but it also helps to sync the files between the iPad and the Mac. It helps to mount iPad on Mac and allows browsing the files with the help of Finder. It works like the external drives that are connected to the computer. SyncMate also allows the users to sync the Mac and the iPad directly.

How does SyncMate Work?


SyncMate, iPad file transfer for Mac, works independently to make the task of transferring and syncing the files easy and convenient for the users. Listed below are the various functions of SyncMate.

  • SyncMate helps in mounting and transferring the files from Mac to the iPad and back to the Mac again. The media folder on the iPad can be accessed in an easy and fun manner from the Finder app itself. Due to the limitations of the iOS transfer and sync, the transfer is carried on through the Media folder.

  • The device has to be mounted on the Mac exactly like an external drive, and the transfer of data can be enjoyed thoroughly. The files can be dragged by a cursor from the media folder to a folder on the hard drive. When the files are being moved from the Mac to the iPad, they will be available for the storage.

  • The contacts and the calendar events are not just transferred from one device to another, they are synchronized. Everything remains updated on the iPad and the Mac in accordance with the changes that are made. All these features are available in the free edition of the SyncMate.

  • Anything that is added to the media folder will remain updated on the synced devices, which is an added advantage as nothing will be lost. There will also be instant access to the contents from anywhere.

  • SyncMate allows the users to access the web pages on both the devices. The SyncMate Expert helps in syncing the Safari bookmarks between the iPad and the Mac.

SyncMate is an amazing iPad file transfer for Mac which helps in syncing the music and photos, allows automatic synchronization in the background and provides numerous other possibilities.