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ID Card Design Tips: Best Printers for Printing, Encoding And Laminating

Designing and printing your company identity cards brings so many benefits just so long as you go about it the correct way. Whether you’ve already invested in company ID cards and you’re looking to upgrade to a printer system or you are yet to elevate the security standards in your building or workplace, you need to head into your process as informed as possible. Understanding the intricacies of what it is that you’re in need of will lead you to the best outcome for your unique situation. Here is everything you need to know about ID card production…

ID Card Design

First things first, designing your identity cards. This is going to look different for every case, but in order to produce the best outcome possible there are a few design guidelines that you can stick to. These include…

Typography: Choosing the right style and size for your typed text is imperative if you want to create on-brand, readable and visually pleasing company ID cards. You should avoid anything too small, too big or too ornate. Simple and readable for everyone is going to work best.

Colour Profile: You might choose to create simple ID cards, logo stamped styles or you may opt for the more ornate colourful option. If you’re adding colour or logos, it is important that you stick to a limited colour palette, this will stop your cards from looking unprofessional.

Simplicity: Less is more when it comes to adding details to your ID cards.

Usability: Function must come before design with every choice that you make. You could have the most impressive looking company ID cards in your industry but if they don’t work, they won’t keep your environment safe.

Quality: High quality cards will look better and last longer far into your company’s future. Prioritise investing in quality materials, printers, design and photographs to ensure that your cards are clean, quality and highly usable for many productive days to come.

The Best Printer for Your Company

Now that you’re educated on all things design, it’s time to have a quick think about investing in an identity card printer for your building or office. Printers come in many different sizes with different capabilities. Take stock of the size of your company, the turnover in your workforce, your safety standards and ongoing demand for printed plastic cards to make the most informed choice for your business. ID card printer providers are fantastic for address specific needs!

Encoding and Other Security Measures

This is going to depend on your desired security measures. You might want simple ID cards as a sort of flash and go system, or you may need something a little sturdier in the security department. Encoding, radio frequency technology and holographics are all amazing for tightening your safety standards. If you feel that you’re in need of ID cards that are contactless or can be tapped, swiped or scanned to enter your building, you’ll need to watch out for encoding capabilities and other security measures when looking for an ID printer.

Finishing Touches

Always keep in mind that your ID card accessories can elevate the impact of both your printer and your plastic cards. Add ons such as lapels, clips, pins, lanyards, badge reels and plastic card holders can improve the security and durability of your safety system. These are well worth the cost effective investment!

Are you ready to tighten your company’s security standards with the help of plastic cards, ID card printers, accessories and professional safety solutions? Start investing in the wellbeing and security of your business today!