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Identity can provide you a secure environment

Identity plays an important role in your life. You can use identity as a legal document. It can provide a valid security to your business. You can install different devices in your premises to enhance the security as these devices verify the identification before providing entry in the organization.  You can control these devices by your mobile phone in which you can generate onetime password for unlocking your device. There are many companies which provide Automated ID Authentication tools for proper verification of your identity. It is also useful to know about that person who is running your system in your business.

What are the different types of identity verification?

Identity verification is a process where you can verify different identity for the security. You can use different types of identity verification methods such as-

Device identification – you can secure your devices using the finger print identification. You need to scan your fingerprint in order to verify your identity to access the device. It is the most advanced type of identification because no one will be able to unlock your device. These are used for your phones and other devices that are used at the work place.

Contextual identification – it is the best type of identification that uses the server signals for unblocking. You can generate some signals for the verification. These are specially use your geo location, IP address and time of the day in a proper order for knowing that the user is valid or invalid.

Biometric identification – if you are using biometric then you can make your business and house secure. It uses your physical property for recognition. It can use eyes retina, fingerprint, and face reading as an identity. You can also use your signature for the identity. Nowadays, people used advanced devices for the identification in which you can use your voice as an identification factor.

Soft and hard token – token is the most advanced technique for the security. These are operated by the smart phones because these can use onetime password which is used for unlocking the devices. If you forget your phone at your home then you can use hard tokens for unlocking your devices. Hard tokens are inserted in the USB slot. Soft tokens are less expensive then hard tokens.

Password – it is the commonly used type of identification for the website. It is important for you to make your password strong because weak password can be hacked by hackers. The data of your business can be stolen by someone.