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It is time to use TTSPY parental control app

Have you ever heard the spy app such as TTSPY parental control app? If not, you should search the information of it online as the use of phone spy applications at work and at home is becoming more common. Parents use it to tracker family members and employers use the app to monitor employees. Here you will find everything you might want to know about spy applications and their technical aspects.

What is a spy application?

Spy application is phone app that can be used to track and extract a person’s cell phone activity. These activities include text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, photos, videos, emails, social networks, browsing history and GPS location of the mobile phone. These applications can also be used to extract and store data from the target mobile phones in case of emergency, such as telephone theft, floods, etc. It is no surprise that many people find the phone spy apps very useful because they can track all these activities and can extract information.

Tracking app allows parents to control their child’s telephone.

Nowadays most of the problems that children have today are due to the unlimited use of smart phones. The device gives access to much inappropriate information. Statistics are sad because more than 50% of children with internet are victims of online bullying. Moreover, most of them did not choose to tell such thing to their parents or did not inform teachers. Bullied teenagers are 9% more likely to commit suicide if parents or teacher do not talk with the kids according to a study.  If you have kids and want to protect them from online threats, you can choose to get phone spy app such as TTSPY parental control app. The phone spy app is a powerful tool that helps parents avoid potential hazards before bad things happen. Following are the main features of the TTSPY parental control app.

Photo spy

With the TTSPY spy app, parents have remote access to all multimedia files on the target smart phone. With this function, they can download all images that are already on the target phone device or listen to all audio and voice memos. The web account has a copy if the children delete the files.

Track GPS location

The TTSPY tracker app uses GPS positioning to tracker the target phone’s location. Parents can get the children’s travel path of a certain periods with this function and they need not worry about where the children are and the safety of them.