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Know how music can uplift your mood

Feeling nervous about your meeting? Or having an important exam? The best thing that can keep your nerves down and mind cool is music. As you already read a lot about why music is important for you and how it is a playing important role in your life. But do you ever wonder that which genre of songs can change your mood? Every genre has its own effect on human mind and heart. There are some people loves to hear sad songs when they are happy and there are some who like to hear pop song like best dance songs 2017 when they feeling angry or disappointment. That means, every genre infect every kind that is in music has different characteristics however it is fully depending on human; s feeling tendency.Image result for Know how music can uplift your mood3

Why music can change your mood

Music can change your mood, you already heard thousands time before, but ever think that how and why it can change your mood? There are lots of other things on this planet, why not them? Why only music?  The science is already knew the power of music and doing its research for very long time. There are some theories like a scientist said that you can feel the music because you already experienced all those emotions like happy, sad, anger, heartbreak, pain and even feeling of numb. When you heard music, it brightens all those hidden emotions in your body and you can feel every single word like the vocalist is telling about you. In short, you can connect music with your life and incidents that happen with you in past.

Know which genre in your mood.

There are various genres like pop songs that keep and feel you alive, that why there are so many people who are waiting for most popular dance songs 2017.

Blues: many times, you feel like you are going to pass out. Your hand was sweating and you are feeling like whole world is blurring. For controlling your nervousness, blues are perfect you. The rhythm of blues is slow that help in keeping your heartbeat slow and steady,

Mainstream: if you are one of those who are crazy about listening music at the workout time, then mainstream is good for you as it keeps your mind thought free for a while also if you are going for a work it will going to help you a lot.

Classic songs: these kinds of songs are mostly used in therapies however, many of people who currently broke up with their partners prefer listening love songs, but according to experts it will best for them to don’t do that.