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Latest Fitness Trend to Sweep Across Instagram

When you are a popular online reputation management firm, you see a lot of bizarre stories and things on social media. Being an online reputation management company, it is important to also know about what is going on around the world and of course the latest trends out there. When an individual or business is in need of your service, it is important to know why they need you and how this is impacting them. Recently on social media, Instagram to be specific, there is a new fitness trend called alien yoga.

Alien yoga is about a new exercise, which involves contorting their stomach into a strange pose, hence why it is called alien yoga. This practice is traditionally known as nauli and it was first mentioned around 500 years ago and in some yoga traditions, this was among the first exercise taught to new yoga students. This exercise is still uncommon in Western yoga but that might be changing due to this new trend.

Nauli is a yogic cleansing exercise or a kriya, which is done to cleanse the internal organs and strengthens the abdominal area. How this movement is done is you roll the abdominal muscles from side to side in a wave-like movement. This movement isn’t as difficult as it looks and can be practiced by any yogis and any age group.

When a trend like this spreads on the Internet, any people will attempt to do this movement but it is seen as an advanced pose therefore it is recommended to master the uddiyana bandha, madhyana nauli, vama nauki and daksina nauli before attempting this yoga exercise. Many advise that pregnant women, people with hernias, hypertensions, ulcers, heart disease and various gastrointestinal ailments should not practice nauli since it is a more advanced pose that can injure them.