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Loadscan Tech Company Team Bonding

This week we were going through some interesting technologies being used by businesses to improve their efficiency. Now most of the time we write about online businesses and how using certain techniques can improve the way your business operates. During our research we came across an interesting story from a tech company in New Zealand that predominantly supplies primary sector businesses with payload scanners.

In the end it was not just the impressive technology that caught our eye, but the way that the company uses team bonding to continue its upwards climb in reputations as a pioneering tech company within its market sector.

We often forget that it is not just the technology that improves the way your business runs. Your employees are also an integral part of your tech business and therefore looking into ways to improve the way your team works together can have an incredibly positive impact on the future success of your business.

Here is Loadscan’s story about a team building activity that created a special bond with the company. If you want to find out more about Loadscan, you can visit their website at

A Tech Companies Team Building Exercise:

Team bonding reached new heights for the Loadscan team as they took to the skies with 3eLeader. Designed to promote an exciting, friendly and new atmosphere for the team, the activity was created to make an impact. And it certainly done that.

Taking place over the Karioitahi Beach on the West Coast of New Zealand, all the team members soared through the sky taking in phenomenal views as they learned about the factors behind team dynamics and performance boosting tricks.

The special team bonding course helped to create a special unity within the Loadscan team. Many members of the team braved the free flight experience. (Comically one unmans team member forgot their radio, which just added to the fun and banter of the whole experience).

The idea behind the paragliding free flight experience was to get the team of Loadscan out and away from their usual environment to spend some time getting to know each other better.

While still learning key methods behind performance efficiency, the team were also shown that as individuals they all bring personality and affluent skills to the business. This is an important point because It is the skills of the employees that can really bring a business to the forefront of its market.

In addition to the ultimate free flight experience, the Loadscan staff were also presented with interesting and fun challenges throughout the day to keep them motivated and challenged. The 3eleader explained how all the activities aided team bonding and by the end of the day all the team members were tired but excited anc loser as a unit.

 The Project Manager of Loadscan, Haidee Davies, said “It was an unforgettable experience at an incredibly beautiful place in New Zealand. It was great for the team to have a day together to challenge and think of new ways to develop and grow.”