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Make your home safe with infrared security cameras

IR illuminators of the infrared camera allows the camera to see the video footage in absolutely dark areas. In a very small amount of light, infrared cameras can form a picture that looks like a picture taken during the day. Like a common camera, the main function of infrared cameras is to build the image using visible light. The only difference between an ordinary camera and an infrared camera is that latter ones uses infrared radiation to construct the image. Infrared cameras have infrared illuminators that are installed on the outside of the camera lens. Infrared light is from different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.Image result for Make your home safe with infrared security cameras

Infrared security cameras and benefits

Infrared security cameras are often used for commercial purposes that turn off the lights at night.

  • Infrared security cameras are designed primarily to see at night. For this reason, this type of camera is often confused with night vision cameras. However, using different wavelengths of light in the two different cameras. Night Vision Goggles are widely used for military purposes. Security cameras use infrared light not visible during the operation, but the light is seen as a visible white light as seen on the monitor.
  • The size of the image produced by an ?infrared camera is usually black and white. Noadays color camera are being produced and today they appeared to provide a better picture. Some day / night infrared image not only form color pictures, but are able to build color video during the day when daylight is available and automatically change the image into black and white as the light get low during evening or night.
  • Some infrared security cameras are there to allow people to see images in very low light and absolutely no light conditions. You can take pictures inside and outside of your home at any time of the day you like. In the early days, infrared security cameras are usually very expensive. Ordinary people could not even dream of buying an infrared security cameras in their home. But today infrared cameras have become very affordable, and even ordinary people can easily get one in their homes. There are several types of infrared cameras available in the market, and prices for these cameras vary depending on the characteristics of the built-in camera and the popularity of brands.

You need the tools to solve problems that are robust, reliable, efficient and accurate. Tools that can help detect problems quickly and easily communicate with your team. This is what ?TCSERIES ?CorDEX camera does. They give you the ability to see heat and detect problems before they occur. All from a tool that is virtually indestructible in everyday use. With intrinsic safety certification of solid materials, TC series sets the bar. Penetration Protection IP54 rated, you can be sure that these cameras continue to operate in all weather, day or night. Concerned about your valuable tool falling and damaged?, the TC Series is tested and certified of having a drop test of 3 ‘/ 1m onto concrete at a temperature of -20 ° C three times!


  • Certificate of Intrinsic Safety. Safe, reliable and above all, rugged
  • ATEX/IECEx certified
  • High speed articulated goal. Shoot high-quality images over, under and around obstacles
  • RFID tag reader. Assign images to RFID labels and automatically create reports, data management and create trends
  • allow CorDEX CONNECT ™